Proform TDF 5.0 Review

Proform TDF 5.0 Bike – A Good Buy For You?



Proform tdf 5 review
Proform TDF 5.0 Bike

The Proform TDF 5.0 Bike is the premium version of the official “Tour De France” training bike.

And it has some incredible options that you don’t find in other indoor cycles. In fact Proform has worked with officials of the Tour De France to create this model – and it shows.

From the 20% incline and 20% decline, high-inertia flywheel, drop-down handlebars with manual 30-gear shifting controls, the bike is really designed to feel like your actual outdoor bike.

Plus it has several built-in HD video workouts of the actual Tour De France. You can watch these on the full-color console for a more realistic training experience.

There’s also 24 built-in tour workout programs that feature stages from the 2015 Tour de France.

So is the Proform TDF 5.0 indoor cycle a good option for you? How does it compare?

Here’s a rundown of what you should know before you buy:


Proform TDF 5.0 Bike Review



Price: $2499 + Free Shipping

Electronic Gears: 30

Built-In Workouts: 24

User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Footprint: 62″ L x 25″ W x 56″ H

iFit LIVE Compatible

iPod Dock

Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Parts Warranty, and 1-Year Labor Warranty.


Proform TDF 5.0 Review



Proform TDF 5.0 Review – Pros:


20% Incline/Decline

You get up to 20% incline and even 20% decline on this bike which can help give you a much more realistic training experience.


proform tour de france 5.0 bike review


And when you connect with iFit LIVE to do various world trails – including the actual 2015 Tour De France, the TDF 5.0 bike automatically adjusts the incline and decline to simulate the actual landscape you’re riding.




Manual Gear Shift Resistance

You can smoothly move through 30 different gears on this bike to adjust your resistance and add extra challenge to your workouts.


proform tdf 5 review


This again adds more of an outdoor feel to your bike and a lot of people really love this feature.




Full-Color Touch Screen Console With Web Browser

The bike also comes with a extra-large, 10 inch full-color touch screen console with web browser. So you can surf the, watch YouTube videos or catch up with Facebook friends as you cycle.


Tour De France 5.0 Exercise Bike Review


You can watch your training programs, and workout stats in high definition.Or swipe through your speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and resistance stats as they happen.

You can also connect to iFit LIVE and watch real life scenery pass you by as you cycle – including the entire Tour De France Course.




Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

The seat is both vertically and horizontally adjustable. You can also adjust the handlebars up or down to your height preference. This is a great way to customize your cycling workout to be more comfortable.



Proform tour de france bike review 5.0




iFit LIVE takes your bike online for a whole new level of training. You can easily track your workouts over time to see how far you’ve come, set new goals and share your progress with friends.

The coolest part however is the ability to ride anywhere in the world with iFit LIVE.

You can ride the entire Tour De France course and watch the actual scenery pass you by as you cycle. It’s like riding the actual 2015 Tour de France!


proform tdf 5.0 review


You could also choose to ride anywhere else in the world – from the Swiss Alps to the shores of Hawaii. There are pre-planned routes you can choose in iFit. You can also map out your own using Googlemaps.

iFit has also improved this year to be more of a customized program based on your goals. So you can get everything from personalized nutrition advice to sleep tips.




Precision Readouts – Watts Measurement

Die-hard cyclists will love the built-in power meter. You can see your cadence, watts and grade on the screen – and even compare it to your average readouts. So you can see your intensity at any time.

ProForm individually calibrates the power display to assure precision readouts on each bike.



Tour de France 5.0 Bike




Ergonomic Pedals

The extra-wide ergonomic footpedals come with adjustable straps and toe cages for a more precise fit and feel.



proform tdf 1.0 exercise bike revie


HD Workout Videos

There are several built-in high definition video workouts featuring past tour segments like Champs Elysees, Albertville, and Alpe d’Huez on this bike. (You don’t need iFit to watch them).



iPod Dock With Speakers

There’s also an iPod dock with speakers in the console so you can play your favorite workout tunes as you cycle.



Proform TDF 5.0 Review




Proform TDF 5.0 Review – Cons:


The original Tour De France bikes were very cool – but Proform jumped the gun a bit and released them too early, before the kinks were worked out.

So they got some very poor initial reviews, especially in relation to iFit connectivity. Proform has remedied these issues with later versions of the TDF bikes – the latest is the 5.0. However it can be confusing when you’re reading old reviews of exactly which bike model you’re reading about. (There are 3 new TDF bike models now out and about 4 years of older models, which confusingly, have similar names.)

The Proform manufacturer does have some solid, balanced reviews of this model which you can read on their site here that give you more pros and cons of this model from a users point of view.


ifit live

Also, be aware that if you want to try iFit LIVE, you’ll need a yearly subscription (about $144 a year). You don’t need to try iFit to use this bike (the web browser works fine without it). But it’s something to be aware of.


proform tdf 5 bike review



Bottom Line?

If you want the ultimate training bike that feels as close to an outdoor bike as you can get, you’ll definitely want to consider the Proform TDF 5.0 bike.

Proform has worked out a lot of the kinks of older models and added improved gear shifting and console options.

You basically get all the bells and whistles of an indoor training bike with the added specialty workouts of the Tour De France.

It may be overkill for the new exerciser.

But for an experienced cyclist, it’s an incredible option that can help you reach new training heights.




Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the new Proform TDF 5.0 bike by going direct through the Manufacturer here. Plus they are also offering Free Shipping which can save you about $150.


Click Here to Save on the Proform TDF 5.0 Indoor Cycle


Proform tdf 5 review
Proform TDF 5.0 Bike


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