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Which do you choose? How do you decide?

Exercise Bike Reviews can help you review your options, know what to look for, compare and contrast to find the best recumbent, studio or upright bike for you.

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Unlike upright bikes, recumbent bikes have bucket seats with the pedals placed in front of you instead of below you.

These bikes are typically seen as more comfortable. And they’re great for gentler, less intense workouts.

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Studio Bikes – also called Spin Bikes or Indoor Cycles – are designed to give you more of a realistic cycling experience.

They’re more advanced than standard upright bikes with better ergonomics and more entertainment options.

Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Upright bikes are the original “exercise bike” with a classic saddle seat and pedals placed below you.

These bikes can be more affordable than other styles.But they don’t give you as much in terms of comfort or entertainment.

Did You Know?

Exercise Bikes are used for exercise and general fitness. However they’re also useful for low impact exercise and weight loss. Cycling enthusiasts also use them to mimic outdoor cycling or training for big events.

There are 3 different types of bikes: upright, recumbent and indoor cycling bikes.

Each one has benefits. If you’re shopping for an exercise bike, the first step is deciding which style of bike you need.

To read about the difference between styles, check out our post on Exercise Bike Styles here.

Nordictrack S27i

With a massive full-color, HD touch-screen, The S27i immerses you in the famous world trail scenery.

You can also take a new fitness class every day from thecomfort of your home.

The S27i also inclines and declines, giving you an amazingly realistic training experience.

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Sole R92 Recumbent

The R92 is a classic best-seller with molded seat and forward/back adjustments.

Sole puts an inward angle of 2 degrees on their pedals for a more ergonomic ride with less stress on the joints.

The dual-color, backlit console helps you read your workout stats as you ride.

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Schwinn IC4

This affordable starter bike gives you a smooth ride with molded handlebars for comfort.

Riders will appreciate the dual sided pedals. This makes it easy to add SPD clips or toe cages.

While the console is small, there’s a tablet holder included. So you can choose to add your own entertainment.

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