AFG 4.0 Recumbent Bike Review

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AFG 4.0 Recumbent Bike – A Good Buy For You?



AFG 4.0 Recumbent bike Review
AFG 4.0 Exercise Bike

The AFG 4.0 Recumbent Bike is an affordable, starter bike from AFG with some interesting features you don’t usually find on a recumbent cycle.

The side-mounted console means you have a clear line of sight to anything in your home like a TV or to watch your kids.

The easy, step-thru design makes it easier to get on and off the bike.

And the Freespin technology lets you coast when you stop instead of getting a sudden, jarring stops.

Is the AFG 4.0 bike the right recumbent for you? Here’s a rundown of what you should know before you buy:




AFG 4.0 Recumbent Bike Console



Price: $999 + Free Shipping

Resistance: 20 Levels

Flywheel: 23 Pounds

Built-In Workouts: 9

User Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Footprint: 63″L x 43″W x 46″H

Warranty: lifetime frame and brake warranty, 3 years on parts, 1 year on labor



AFG 4.0 Recumbent Bike Review – Pros:


Side-Mounted Console

Although if you’re used to regular recumbent bikes, this will take some getting used to, the side-mounted console does have the benefit of giving on a clear line of sight to the TV. It’s more like the a simple, side information console you can glance at every so often to check your stats.


afg 4.0 recumbent bike review



Easy Step-Thru Design

There’s no large barrier in between the pedals that you have to jump over to get on the bike. This makes getting on and off the machine a lot easier.



Freespin Lets You Coast

This an interesting feature. If you stop pedalling, it lets you “coast” meaning the pedals don’t suddenly lock out. While AFG spins this as a benefit, there really aren’t too many recumbent bikes at this price point that completely stop and lock out the pedals when you stop your workout.



20 Resistance Levels

You get up to 20 different resistance levels on the AFG 4.0. This is not the most resistance – but it does give you some room to grow as your fitness levels improve.



afg 4.0 Recumbent bke Review



Comfortable Arm Rests

The arm rests on this bike are also in a very unique position – and overall pretty comfortable. They’re higher up and support you better than some other bikes where the arm rests are low – or non-existent.



Comfortable, Adjustable Bike Seat

The seat is padded and quite comfortable on this bike. You can easily adjust it forward and back for the right pedal to hip fit.




AFG 4.0 Recumbent Review – Cons

Unfortunately while there are some pros – there are also quite a few cons. The console on this bike is very simple and basic – much more basic than other brands at the same price point like the Nordictrack VR25 (which has a full color console with virtual reality training) or the Proform 440 (which has a backlit console with scrolling message board and iPod dock).


AFG 4.0 Recumbent Bike Console

Also the side mounted console does make the bike quite wide – so it can be hard to move and fit through the door to a room in your house.

There’s also not a lot of little things you’d expect for a bike at this price like built in console fans to keep you cool or online connectivity and tracking.


Bottom Line?

If you like the AFG name and want an affordable starter bike with a unique side console – so you can easily see your TV – you may really like the AFG 4.0 recumbent. It also gives you more comfortable side handrails and an easy step-through design.

Unfortunately however, at this price point, you really should expect more. Other bikes like the Nordictrack VR25 give you a lot more bike for the same price.



Where to Buy and Save:

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AFG 4.0 Recumbent bike Review
AFG 4.0 Exercise Bike


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