Best Recumbent Bikes 2019 – Top 5 Recumbent Bikes For Your Money

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best recumbent bike 2019Looking for the best recumbent bikes for 2019?

Unfortunately with all of the hype surrounding spin and indoor training bikes, the humble recumbent bike doesn’t get as much attention as it should.

After all, it does give you some great benefits over other bikes. One of the main benefits?

It can be a lot more comfortable with the bucket seat. That means you’ll enjoy your workouts more (and possibly stick with them for longer).

The recumbent bike can also be easier on the knees.

And they are generally closer to the ground. These factors make them great bikes for rehab or those who want a more gentle workout.

So which recumbent bike is best for you?

You have some great options out there – each one offering you something a little different than the next.

Below you’ll find what I believe are the best recumbent bikes for 2019 – bikes that give you more for your money and give you benefits over other bikes.

You’ll find the pros and cons of each along with links to where you can find out more information on each bike. Let’s dive in:



Best Recumbent Bike 2019


nordictrack VR25 Recumbent bike review


#1 Nordictrack VR25 Recumbent

If you’re looking for a strong, stable, premium recumbent bike for your home, you’ll love the Nordictrack VR25.

It has both the strong construction – and added entertainment options to give you a comfortable, fun productive workout.

You get a heavy 25-pound flywheel with commercial gauge, solid-steel frame for a strong, stable-feeling ride.



The oversized, cushioned seat is built for added comfort with an easy-glide adjustment underneath. You can sit on this bike and easily adjust it forward and back to find your best knee-to-pedal angle.

The seat back also allows air to flow to your back as you cycle – keeping you cool.

Plus this bike comes with a full-color, HD, touch-screen console – something you don’t find on too many other recumbent bikes.

So you can watch your workout stats in full color.


nordictrack VR 25 recumbent review
Nordictrack VR 25 Bike Console


Or connect with iFit Coach and ride trails all over the world – from the Amalfi Coast to the streets of Paris! You’ll see the real landmarks pass you by in the console screen for some virtual reality fun.

Want another challenge?

Take a streaming high-energy fitness class from your console. With iFit on this bike you can choose from thousands of in-studio workouts – built for beginners to experienced cyclers.


nordictrack commercial vr21 vs vr25
Nordictrack VR25 bike with iFit


And for added entertainment?

There’s also a tablet holder above the console on this bike.

So you can attach your tablet and watch Netflix, Hulu or YouTube videos as you ride. You’ll basically never run out of fun things to do on this bike.

Bonus Tip?

While iFit Coach is an optional streaming monthly service, if you use the link below you can get a 1-year membership included with the bike.


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#2 Proform 440 ES

The Proform 440s ES is not as fancy or high-end as the Nordictrack VR25. But it’s an affordable, popular recumbent bike that’s been around for a few years now.


Proform 440 Bike


The step-thru design makes it easy to get on and off the bike, without having to jump over a high barrier.

While the console is dual-color (not full-color like the Nordictrack above), it is backlit and easy to read – which you don’t usually find at this price point. Most bikes under $700 don’t have backlit consoles like this.

There’s also a scrolling message board to lead you through your workout.


Proform 440 Console


The flywheel on this bike is not as heavy as the Nordictrack above – coming in around 18 pounds. But it’s still respectable for a starter bike.

You can easily adjust the seat forward and back. Plus there’s a tablet holder above this bike as well that you can use to watch Netflix or YouTube videos as you ride.

And for extra challenge, you also get 32 built-in workouts that focus on different goals like calorie-burning, time etc.

Overall, if you want a decent, comfortable starter bike with a few comfort features, the Proform 440 ES is worth considering.


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#3 Schwinn 270 Recumbent

This is another affordable starter recumbent bike from a trusted name in the business.


Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review
Schwinn 270 Bike


Like the Proform bike, you get the step-thru design. Plus there’s a bright, backlit console – which again, you don’t usually find at this price point.

You also get 29 built-in workouts for added challenge and a media shelf to hold your tablet or phone. There’s also a handy usb port to charge your tablet or phone as you ride.

The only downside is that, because of the location of the media shelf on this bike, your tablet or phone will cover up some of the console window.


schwinn 270 or 230 bike
Schwinn 270 Console

The seat is adjustable both forward and back with heart rate hand grips on either side of the seat.

The main downside of the seat is that it’s angled backwards a bit too much – which some people find a bit awkward. This might affect your back, especially if you’re planning longer workouts.

Still, if you like the Schwinn name and want one of their best recumbent bike models the Schwinn 270 is worth your time.


Click Here for More on the Schwinn 270




#4 Sole R92 Recumbent

I’m not a huge fan of Sole bikes – just because I’ve heard rumors for years that the company itself is on shaky ground. But some people really like their recumbent bikes – especially the R92 model.

So I thought I’d include it here.


Sole R92


The Sole R92 – like the other bikes above – gives you the step-thru design and adjustable seat forward and back.

There are 10 built-in workout programs to add some challenge and a built-in port with speakers. So you can plug in your phone and play your favorite workout tunes through the console speakers.

You also get a 20 pound flywheel – which is not as heavy as the Nordictrack – but a little heavier than the Proform. So it should give you a nice, smooth-feeling ride.


Sole R92 Console


While the bike hasn’t been updated in a while, Sole did add a tablet holder about a year ago. So you can attach your tablet and watch movies or shows as you ride.

Overall, if you really like the Sole name and want an affordable bike – the R92 might be worth considering.


Click Here for More on the Sole R92




#5 Nordictrack Commercial VR21

If you like the Nordictrack name – but don’t need the fancy bells and whistles of the VR25 model above, you might want to consider the Nordictrack VR21.


nordictrack vr21 recumbent bike review
Nordictrack VR21 Recumbent Bike


It’s very similar in design to the VR25 model – but it doesn’t give you the heavier flywheel and the full-color, HD touch-screen with iFit streaming workouts.

It is however a few hundred dollars less. And you do get the option to add iFit Coach if you want it. (You will however need your own tablet to connect with iFit online since you can’t do it through the console with this bike).

There are also 32 built-in workouts for extra challenge. And the console, while dual-color, is bright and backlit making it easy to read your workout stats.


nordictrack vr21 vs vr25 recumbent bike
Nordictrack VR21 Console


There’s also a handy media shelf in front of the console to hold your tablet or phone. So you can watch your favorites shows and movies as you ride.

Overall this bike is not as fancy as the VR25 model – but it is more affordable with some pretty cool entertainment options if you want them.

Click Here for More on the Nordictrack VR21



So those are some of the best recumbent bikes for 2019. I hope you found it useful!

Do you have a bike that you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!



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