Best Studio Bike 2022 – Three Great Options That Give You More!

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Looking for the best studio bike 2022?

Proform Pro 22 vs Nordictrack s22iStudio bikes – also called studio spin bikes, cycling bikes or indoor bikes – are the hottest type of bike on the market right now.


They’re designed to give you a more enjoyable, immersive riding experience!

With exercise bikes in the past, you ended up doing the same old boring cycling routine in front of your TV – checking your watch every 5 minutes to see if you’ve done your time.

But now with the best studio bikes of today, you watch the scenery pass you by in the console screen as you ride famous world trails.

Or you take an energetic, live cycling class where the trainer controls the bike incline or intensity for you for a hands-free class experience.

Most exercise bike brands now have one – or several – studio bike models on the market. Each one gives you benefits (and drawbacks).

So how do you find the best studio bike for you?

We’ve listed below 3 of what we think are the best studio bikes 2022.

These bikes all stand out in some way (whether through unique features, price, overall value and more).

We’ve given you a brief rundown of each option, why it’s special and where to learn more about each studio cycle. So let’s dive in:


Best Studio Bike 2022


exercise bike buying guide

#1 Nordictrack S27i Studio Cycle


This one is currently the king of home studio cycles. This is mainly because it has the largest screen we’ve ever seen on a home bike – a massive 27 inches.

The large, full-color, HD, touch-screen really pulls you into the action and immerses you in your workout.



The S27i works with iFit (Nordictrack’s online streaming service) to deliver a load of activities to your doorstep. You can explore famous world trails with guides and enjoy the scenery pass you by for a virtual-reality style experience.

You can also stream a new fitness class to your bike every day. Nordictrack has also recently added LIVE fitness classes. So you can actually take the class at the same time as your friends online – or even text your trainer a question after the class.

The bike isn’t just about the large screen however. It also inclines and declines to match the terrain that you’re riding – another way to immerse yourself in the action.

And the screen even swivels and turns so you can continue your workout off the bike.



Cyclists will appreciate the two-sided SPD pedals. Another great option is that you can work your upper body with the free 2-pound handweights included with the bike.

While it’s probably overkill for the occasional cyclist, if you’re looking for next-level training and fun, this is one to consider.


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#2 Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike


Schwinn is known for making quality, affordable starter bikes. And if you’re on a budget but still want a quality studio cycle, the IC4 delivers excellent value.


Schwinn IC4 Bike Review

It’s well built with a solid frame and molded handlebars.

The console is nothing special  – but Schwinn has added a tablet holder above the console.

So you can attach your tablet and add in your own entertainment. Go online and watch Youtube videos or stream your favorite Netflix shows as you cycle.

There are up to 100 micro-resistance levels for added challenge. And the seat adjusts both vertically and horizontally to help you find the right fit for you.



Schwinn also upgraded the handlebars on this model, making them thicker and softer than their other models. So the IC4 is more comfortable for longer workouts.

Overall if you’re looking for a super-affordable, high-value cycling bike from a good name, the IC4 is a great option.


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schwinn ic4 bike review



#3 Proform Studio Bike Pro 22


This is the premium Studio cycle from Proform with a large 22-inch, full-color, interactive screen.

Proform also uses iFit to stream workouts and world trails to your bike – similar to Nordictrack.


exercise bike with screen

So you can do a lot of fun things on this bike as well. This includes taking classes and riding famous world trails. (However this bike does not have incline or decline like the S27i).

The Proform Studio Bike Pro is adjustable to fit your body. You can easily raise or lower the handlebars with a simple switch.

The seat is both vertically and horizontally adjustable. Plus if you don’t like this seat, you can swap it out for one of your liking.

And the pedals are interchangeable and come with optional toe cages with straps.



If you’re looking for a solid, stable studio bike with lots of fun entertainment features from a good name, this is another one offering excellent value.


Click Here for More on the Proform Pro 22


exercise bike with screen


So those are 3 of the best studio bikes 2022. Hopefully you found them helpful.

If you want to find more options, you can always check out our Best Buys here. Good luck and have fun!




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