Diamondback 910SR Bike Review

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Diamondback 910SR Recumbent – A Good Buy For You?


Diamondback isn’t as well known as some other brands. But among fitness industry professionals, it’s actually a highly-respected brand with a reputation for making solid, well-constructed equipment.

Diamondback 910SR Recumbent
Diamondback 910 Recumbent

The Diamondback 910SR is their premium recumbent model with all of the bells and whistles – all for under $1000.

Is it a good value buy for you? How does it really measure up?

Here’s what you need to know:


The Basics:

Price $999 + Click for Free Shipping

User Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Resistance Levels: 32

Built-In Workouts: 35

iPod/iPad Charging Station

Heart Rate: Hand Grip and Wireless Compatible

Diamondback 910SR Console


Diamondback 910SR Recumbent Review – Pros:


Premium Comfort Seat

Modelled after  high-end executive chairs, the seat on this bike molds to your body for a more comfortable feel.

If you tend to have lower back issues, you’ll feel the difference in this chair (vs. the $500 department store recumbent bike seats) – much more comfortable. There’s also a mesh back to keep air flowing and cool you down while working out.


Integrated Apple docking station

You can play and charge your iPod, iPad or iPhone with this docking station. The console also carries an integrated sound system to play your tunes (or watch your videos) while you cycle.


Large Backlit Console With Easy Keypad Entry

The LCD console on this bike is large, sleek and attractive – very similar to what you see in commercial machines. The readouts numbers are large (no squinting necessary). There’s a keypad for easy info entry, a rolling hills display and easy start/stop buttons.

There’s also a multi-speed console fan to keep you cool and even a magazine hold built in – so you can prop up your magazines (or books) and read while you workout.


32 Resistance Levels

With 32 resistance levels, you’ll never worry about topping out in your first few months of using the bike. This is a lot of resistance levels and should keep you challenged for a very long time.


Easily-Adjustable Seat

The Diamondback 910Sr bike lets move the seat back or forward – closer or further away from the console. You can also move the seat up and down in the vertical plane to get the best back support. It’s a slide adjustment – which some people find easier than the pin and lock that you usually get with home models.


Diamondback 910 Recumbent Seat


Diamondback 910SR Recumbent Bike – Cons:

There are fewer user reviews on this model as with other bikes – so you don’t get a lot of feedback on it, especially in terms of long term durability. Also, note that the fan on the console is not the best – you won’t get a high cooling experience.

Also there have been a few complaints about the user programs resetting every time you stop and start the bike (so you have to re-enter all of your information when you restart the workout – which can get really annoying after a while).

Similar recumbent bikes to compare it against include the Nordictrack Commercial VR 25 or the Vision R20 Recumbent



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a more “premium” recumbent bike, and you like the Diamondback name, you’ll probably be very happy with the 910SR recumbent. It gives you a more gym-like look and feel, from the sleek finish to the sliding seat adjustment (no lock and pin mechanism) to the easily-adjustable seat to the large, bright console.

There have been some minor issues with it and frankly it’s starting to fall behind in terms of value compared to other brands. But if you’re looking for a bike the emphasizes a more comfortable ride, the 910SR is worth considering.



Where To Buy and Save:

You can get the Diamondback 910SR direct from direct online here. You can also read the latest reviews and get Free Shipping to your home which can save you about $150.


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Diamondback 910SR Recumbent Bike
Diamondback 910 Recumbent Bike


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