Why Buy An Exercise Bike?

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 7 Quick Exercise Bike Benefits


exercise bike benefits - womanWondering about the benefits of exercise bikes? Maybe you’re trying to decide between a stationary bike and a treadmill or elliptical?

Well, this post will cover some of the top exercise bike benefits – so you can make the right decision for your home (I admit, I am a bit biased!)

While some of these benefits only apply to one type of stationary bike (i.e. recumbent, upright, spinner etc.), you’ll definitely find some great benefits of the bike you’re thinking of getting!

So here we go:


#1 It’s Easy To Use

Unlike a lot of other fitness equipment, bikes are easy to use. You just sit and pedal. That’s it. Ok – and maybe adjust the seat first.

But really, anyone – of any coordination level – can use a stationary bike. And some of us want simple and easy exercise in our lives. We don’t want to learn how to balance on an elliptical while going backwards on an incline and using our arms to go forward. Huh?

Just give me a bike to pedal while I watch my favorite TV show at night – and I’m off to the races. I don’t have to read a complex manual or worry about tripping or falling – plus my jeans fit without a lot of strain and effort. Win-win.


#2 It’s Cheaper Than Other Fitness Equipment

Unlike treadmills (and even ellipticals to some extent now), you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a quality exercise bike. I read an article recently that said if you want a decent motorized treadmill that will last you, you should be prepared to spend at least $1200. Yikes.

I can get a great bike for $600- $800! Sure, if I want all the ‘icing on the cake’ extras, I can probably find a commercial bike or two for $2000 – but it’s really hard. Most good home exercise bikes will run much cheaper than other fitness equipment. More money in your pocket is always a benefit!


#3 It’s Easier To Choose A High Quality Bike

My friend recently went shopping for an elliptical trainer. She spend a month researching and basically just got more confused as she went along.

She inundated me with information about stride lenght and incline vs resistance, pivoting foot pedals vs stationary foot pedals, proper knee to hip ratio and the spacing of the pedals…wha?

If you’re buying a treadmill or elliptical, there are a lot of things you need to know in order to find a high quality machine. But with bikes, it’s much simpler. There are really only a few factors you have to look at – and they are pretty easy to understand. So it’s much easier to find a good quality bike – and feel confident that you made a great purchase.

(Plus you’re on this blog – so you have the advantage of reading about the latest “great value” bikes and you don’t have to do a lot of research!)


exercise bike seat

#4 More Comfortable Workout

Stationary bikes – especially recumbent ones – are much more comfortable than other exercise equipment. This is great for new exercisers or people who just don’t have the energy (maybe they’ve been sick) or stamina to do a P90X type workout on their treadmill or elliptical.

These bikes are also great if you have back problems, since you’re getting lumbar support as well. And when a workout is more comfortable – you’re more likely to do it longer. This means you burn more calories and get in better shape faster.


#5 It’s Lower Impact

We are a nation of people with knee issues, hip problems and shin splints. If you suffer from any of these things, a bike is probably one of the best things you can get. Exercising with a stationary bike is much lower impact than for example, a treadmill. You’re not constantly pounding down on the deck and further injuring yourself.

If you’re looking for a gentle, low impact workout, you really can’t go wrong with a bike.


#6 It’s Safer

One of my friends was looking for a piece of fitness equipment for her elderly mother and asked me about what I would recommend. I told her that a well-made recumbent was probably the best option. While walking is great exercise for elderly people, her mother is also a bit frail. And a treadmill can be hazardous at times – even for the most coordinated person out there (who hasn’t occasionally wandered to the side of the belt and hit the deck?)

A bike is safe – chances are you’re not going to fall off of it, or trip or fall. This can give you a lot of reassurance – especially if you’re not high in the coordination department like some of us.


#7 You can Read While Cycling

Have you ever tried to read a book on the treadmill? Or the elliptical? The rowing machine is out too, trust me.

But on a bike, you can easily read your favorite book or magazine. This is great if you tend to get bored easily (or just want to catch up on the latest business news).

exercise bike benefits-ipod deckPlus several bikes are now coming out with places to hold your iPad or iTouch – so you may even be able to surf the web while you cycle. Again – this is a sure way to distract yourself and fight off exercise boredom.


So those are 7 exercise bike benefits – and all of these lead to the best benefit of all: Because of all these benefits, you’re much more likely to actually USE your bike. This means it won’t end up becoming just an expensive clothes hanger at the end of the day, like so many other pieces of fitness equipment.

So if you’re thinking about an exercise bike, you can get a lot from choosing the right one and using it in your home.

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