Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill – Which is Better?

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Pros and Cons of Exercise Bikes Vs Treadmills


Shopping for fitness equipment and wondering which is better – an exercise bike or treadmill?

exercise bike vs treadmillThese 2 machines are probably the 2 most popular forms of exercise equipment on the market today.

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Each of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

This article will help you decide between an exercise bike vs treadmill by listing the advantages of each.


Treadmill Advantages:

Walking is one of the easiest exercises to do – and anyone young or old, beginner or novice athlete can do it. Treadmills offer the following advantages:


#1) Folding Units Can Save Space

folding treadmillWhile bikes usually take up less space than a treadmill when in use – treadmills can often be folded up and wheeled out of the way. It’s much harder to find a folding exercise bike (ok, a GOOD folding exercise bike).


#2) More Exercise Options

A treadmill can offer several different types of exercise options – from gentle walking to jogging to hard-core running. You can also do incline walking to add some higher calorie burning into the mix.


#3) More Entertainment Options

treadmill consoleAlthough bikes are getting better in this area, treadmills are still the king in terms of entertainment options.

For example you can get treadmills with built-in TVs, specialized fitness programs and even Web Browsers built into the console. They also tend to have more workout programs and fitness tracking options.


Exercise Bike Advantages:

Exercise bikes also have some unique benefits over treadmills:


#1) More Affordable

Diamondback 510ub exercise bikeWhile a high quality motorized treadmill will probably run you at least $1000 (and more like $1800+ if you’re need a runners treadmill), you can get a well made bike for around $699 or less.

That means you’ll have extra money in your pocket to buy new “slimmer” clothes (or take a vacation or buy a new iPad or buy a new TV to watch while cycling…)


#2) Lighter and More Compact

When in use, these bikes take up less space than a treadmill. Plus they tend to be lighter and easier to assemble than a treadmill. That makes them great for apartments or smaller workout spaces.


#3) The Better Choice for Rehab, Sports Injures or Bad Backs

nordictrack commercial vr pro recumbent bike reviewIf you’re injured or need to start out slow for some reason (bad back, need rehab etc.), you’ll probably be better starting out on a bike – and in particular a recumbent bike.

These bikes are comfortable and easier to use than most other types of fitness equipment. They are low to the ground with good back support. Plus it’s much harder to injure yourself using them that it would be on a treadmill (where you can trip and fall).


#4) More Comfortable Than A Treadmill

Again, this is mainly pertaining to recumbent bikes. These bikes just give you a more comfortable workout – which means you’re likely to stay on the bike longer and therefore burn more calories.

So many people today are suffering with joint, back and knee problems. And running or even walking on a treadmill just causes more problems. You’re not going to workout if it hurts.

So this is where a recumbent – with a comfortable bucket seat and lumbar support – can help. You’ll get a low-impact comfortable workout without the pain.

So those are some of the main difference when it comes to the exercise bike vs treadmill debate.


Which is best for you?


Well, the bottom line is this: which will you use more? If you like walking then a treadmill is probably your best option. If you would rather sit and cycle (or for health reasons you can’t take the impact of a treadmill), then a bike is the better bet.

The good news is that there’s never been a better time to buy either a treadmill or an exercise bike. The new models are just coming out and they are offering more than ever before!

So get out there and start looking for your perfect piece of fitness equipment! (If you want to go shopping for bikes (or treadmills), check out our Where to Buy page which lists places to buy discount exercise bikes and treadmills.)



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