Exercise Bike With Screen – 3 Great Options to Elevate Your Workouts

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exercise bike with screenLooking for an exercise bike with screen?

You came to the right place!

Exercise bikes with screens – where you can watch programs or take cycling classes – are exploding in popularity.

A good streaming exercise bike can elevate your workouts, stave off exercise boredom and help you burn more calories in less time.

But there are a lot of different options out there.

Which is best for you?

This post will go over 3 great options if you’re looking for an exercise bike with screen – along with the benefits of each and where to learn more about each bike.

So let’s dive in.


Exercise Bike with Screen – 3 Great Options


#1 Nordictrack S27i Studio Bike

This took the top spot because it currently has one of the largest sceens you’ll find on an exercise bike.

It’s a massive 27-inches across, which is basically like having a large TV-screen on your bike.


nordictrack s27i vs S22i Studio Bike
Nordictrack S27i Studio Bike


The larger screen really pulls you into the action and gives you a more virtual-reality feel to the bike rides.

You can connect to iFit through the screen (iFit is Nordictrack’s online streaming service) and from there you can ride famous trails all over the world. Watch as scenery passes you by in the screen to match your riding speed.



Plus, the Nordictrack S27i bike also inclines and declines to match the terrain – again giving you a virtual-reality style training experience.

Don’t want to ride outdoors? No problem.

Choose from thousands of streaming indoor cycling classes from the iFit library. There are classes for everyone from beginner to experienced rider.

Plus, you can even take live classes in real time. Follow your favorite trainer and even take the same class with your buddies for a little friendly competition.



Another plus to this bike?

The screen rotates and tilts. So you can get off the bike and continue your workout – for example to try a yoga class or stretching routine with iFit as well.

While this is not the cheapest bike on this list, if you want the ultimate streaming exercise bike with screen – this is one to consider.


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nordictrack s27i vs S22i Studio Bike
Nordictrack S27i Studio Bike



#2 Proform C10R Recumbent

This is a newer bike to the market. While the screen is much smaller than the Nordictrack above, it’s also super-affordable, coming in at under $800.


Proform C10R Recumbent Bike


Plus, many people prefer a recumbent bike as it’s easier on the joints and particularly handy if you suffer from back or knee problems.

The screen on the Proform C10 bike measures 10 inches across. It’s full color, HD and touch-screen. So you can see your stats with a swipe of your finger.

Like the Nordictrack above, you can connect with iFit online and stream world-trail rides to your bike. Or take cycling classes from the comfort of your own home.



There’s also an easy step-thru design with this bike, making it simple to get on and off the machine.

And users will appreciate the fully adjustable seat.

The mesh back helps to keep you cool – as it allows air to circulate to your back as you ride.

While it’s a bit simple, if you’re looking for an affordable recumbent exercise bike with screen, this one is a great choice.


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#3 Sole LCB Upright Bike

This one doesn’t have a screen – but it does come with a tablet holder/shelf above the console. So you can add your own screen.

You can add in your tablet (or phone) and watch shows or stream youtube videos as you cycle.


exercise bike with screen
Sole LCB Bike


A lot of people don’t realize this is an option- since many bikes don’t come with a tablet holder above the console. But if you want the option to add in your own entertainment – you might prefer it this way.

The benefit is that you can find and choose your own streaming package – whether that’s taking workout classes through your tablet or streaming different world trail rides. You can even just watch your favorite movies or shows as you ride.

It’s a very affordable way to add in your own “screen” to the exercise bike – and still get exactly what you want in terms of programs.


Sole LCB Upright Bike Console


Another great feature on this bike is that there’s a USB charging port on the bike console. So you can charge your tablet (or phone) as you ride.

The Sole LCB upright bike also comes with rock-solid stability. It has an impressive 30-pound flywheel (which helps to give you a smoother-feeling ride).

And you’ll never run out of challenge with 40 levels of resistance. There’s always room to grow on this bike.

Plus this bike uses self-generating power. So you don’t need to place it near a power outlet – which is handy.

While it’s not the fancy exercise bike with screen you would expect on this list- it’s a very solid, stable bike from a great name.

And it gives you the freedom to choose the entertainment you want with your own tablet.


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So those are 3 great options if you’re looking for an exercise bike with screen. They each give you a slightly different style, price point and screen/streaming options.

If you want to learn more about each one, check out the full reviews of the bikes below:


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