Exercise Bike with Tablet Holder

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3 Great Exercise Bikes with a Tablet Holder Included!


exercise bike with tablet holderLooking for an exercise bike that comes with a tablet holder?

This is a simple feature that a few manufacturers started adding to their bikes a few years ago.

And it caught on like wildfire.

People loved the fact that they could attach their tablet and watch YouTube or Netflix videos, streaming workouts – or just surf the net as they rode.

However some manufacturers have since discontinued this feature unfortunately – in favor of other, more flashy features.

So where can you still find a good, up-to-date exercise bike with tablet holder?

Here are 3 great options for you below – along with a short review of each and where you can buy it if you choose. So let’s dive in:



Exercise Bike with Tablet Holder


#1 Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro

This one is my favorite bikes – as it just gives you so much for the money. It’s current and affordable – with an adjustable tablet holder above the console (which won’t cover your console).


exercise bike with tablet holder
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro


Plus it also gives you some features that you won’t find on most other bikes – like incline and decline or a full-color HD console!

The Grand Tour Pro is an upright cycling bike that can take you cycling all over the world. You get up to 10 degrees of incline and 10 degrees of decline for a more realistic training experience.

Plus the bike comes with iFit Coach. With iFit Coach, you can ride trails all over the world – from the Swiss Alps to the shores of Hawaii or the Grand Canyon – and watch the actual scenery pass you by in the full-color, HD console window. It’s the next best thing to being there!


exercise bike with tablet holder
Grand Tour Pro Console


You can also stream a high-energy fitness class right to your bike with iFit Coach – or track your workout stats over time to see how far you’ve come.

Want to add some upper body training to your workout? No problem.

You also get a set of Free 3-pound handweights included with the bike.


nordictrack grand tour pro review



On a practical level, the bike is also quite comfortable and adjustable. The seat adjusts both vertically and horizontally and the multi-position handlebars let you choose a hand grip that you like.

Overall if you’re looking for a premium bike with tablet holder – that also gives you all of the fun bells and whistles, the Grand Tour Pro bike is worth considering


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best indoor training bikes
Nordictrack Grand Tour Bike




#2 Proform 440 ES

The Proform 440 ES is a simple, well-built recumbent bike with tablet holder.

It’s not as fancy as the Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro bike above.  But it’s also super-affordable and has everything you need for a good workout.


proform exercise bike with tablet holder
Proform 440 ES Exercise Bike


Plus it’s a recumbent bike – which many people like these days. Some find recumbent bikes with the bucket seat to be more comfortable – especially for bad knees or a bad back.

The Proforom 440 ES comes with a bright, dual-color backlit console along with a tablet holder that goes above the console.

There’s also an easy step-thru design that makes getting on and off the bike super-simple.


Proform 440 ES vs 740 ES Bike
Proform 440 Bike Console


The recumbent seat adjusts easily both vertically and horizontally for the most comfortable position. And it’s also extra padded in the seat for maximum comfort.

Overall if you’re looking for a simple recumbent bike with a tablet holder – for a great price, the Proform 440 ES is worth considering.


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proform 440 ES recumbent bike review
Proform 440 ES Bike



#3 Nautilus U618 Upright

The Nautilus 618 upright exercise bike also comes with a tablet holder – but it’s more of a media shelf.

It sits on the console and covers one of the console windows. However there is a second console window below it – so you can still see your workout stats when using your tablet.


nautilus 618 upright exercise bike review
Nautilus U618 Bike


This is a cool, well-designed upright bike that includes 25 levels of resistance and even 29 built-in workouts.

Plus it comes with Bluetooth tracking. So you can track your workout stats over time with the Bowflex App. So you can set goals, see how far you’ve come and even share your progress online with friends.


Nautilus 618 Upright Bike Console


The Nautilus U618 bike also comes with a free wireless heart rate monitor included – so you can easily stay in your optimal heart rate zone.

All in all, it’s a great little upright bike with a tablet holder included.


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nautilus 618 upright exercise bike review
Nautilus U618 Bike



Summing Up

So those are 3 high-value exercise bikes with tablet holders included. I hope you found this post helpful.

Do you know another good exercise bike with tablet holder? Tell us about it in the comments below!



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