Horizon Comfort Upright Bike

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Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike Review


Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike Review
Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike

The Comfort U upright bike is one of my favorite upright bikes currently on the market. It comes in under $500 and has lots of little tweaks that Horizon is known for to make your workouts more comfortable.

For example, the gel seat is adjustable both up/down and back/forward, which is something you don’t usually find on a bike at this price point.

Also, there are comfort grips on either side of the console and a spot for your tablet that won’t block the console.

So is the Comfort U upright a good fit for you? Here’s a brief review of the pros and cons of the Horizon Comfort U upright bike to help you decide.


The Basics:

Price: $499 + Free Shipping

Resistance: 16

Built-In Workouts: 10

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Thumb Print Heart Rate Sensors

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 1 Year parts and labor

Horizon comfort u upright bike review console

Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike Review – the Pros:


Comfortable, Adjustable Gel Seat

With upright bikes, one of the most important features is the bike seat. This bike has an extra-wide gel seat that adjusts both up/down and forward back. So you can fit the bike seat into the most comfortable position for you. This is also a plus for multiple user homes as everyone can adjust the bike seat to their height.


Step-Through Design

This is another thing you don’t usually find on upright bikes. The Horizon Comfort U has a step-through design instead of that solid block you have to step over to get on the bike. This makes it easy to get on or off the bike.


Place For Your Tablet

You can easily place your tablet above the console while cycling. It doesn’t block the console so you can see both while riding. Here’s a video showing this feature:




Wireless Heart Rate Compatible

While you don’t get the wireless heart rate monitor (you’ll have to purchase this separately), this bike does come wireless heart rate compatible. There’s also a thumb print heart rate monitor you can use as well to stay in your target fat-burning zone.

Plus, Horizon has a CardioCompass™ display on the console tells you exactly what heart rate zone you’re in while cycling.


iPod Dock

You can plug in your iPod or mp3 device and listen to it through the console speakers or headphone output. This can help make your workout more enjoyable as you listen to your favorite tunes.


Ergonomic Grips

horizon u upright bike review gripsThe ergonomic grips on either side of the console add another little “comfort” extra you don’t often see with starter upright bikes.



Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike Review – the Cons:


Non-Backlit Console

The console on this bike is not backlit – which might make it challenging to view your workout stats when you cycle. If lighting is poor in your workout area, you’ll find yourself straining forward to see where you are in your workout.


Not A Lot of Options

This bike is a bit on the simple side as far as entertainment options. You don’t get a lot of workout programs (only 10) and there’s no online workout tracking like you get with other brands like Nordictrack or Proform. Also the heart rate monitor is not a hand grip sensor – only thumb print, which is sometimes not as accurate.


Bottom Line?

The Horizon Comfort U Upright is a simple bike built for comfort and ease of use. Although you don’t get a lot of bells and whistles, the price is fantastic and you do get what you need.

Overall if you’re on a budget and just want a comfortable upright bike that’s also adjustable two ways, you’ll probably be very happy with this bike.


Where To Buy and Save

You can save $200 off retail on the Horizon Comfort U exercise bike direct from the Manufacturer here. Plus, they also give you Free Shipping and inside delivery, something you don’t often find with bike sellers.

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Horizon Comfort U Upright Exercise Bike Review
Horizon Comfort U Upright Bike




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