Horizon Fitness Bike Review – What To Know Before You Buy

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Are Horizon Exercise Bikes A Good Value?



Horizon Exercise Bike Review - RC30
Horizon RC30 Recumbent

Thinking about a Horizon exercise bike? Wondering if it’s a good buy for you? You came to the right blog!

This post will cover Horizon exercise bikes in general – both the pros and cons of these bikes, how they stack up against the competition and what you can expect with these bikes.


Some Background On Horizon:

Horizon Fitness is owned and manufactured by Johnson Health – a larger fitness equipment manufacturer in the market. They also own names like Livestrong, Matrix and Vision.



Horizon is more of their starter or discount lineup. They currently make a couple of recumbent bikes, one upright model and an indoor sports bike. Prices for these bikes tend to be under $500, which makes them very popular with buyers on a budget who don’t want a lot of bells and whistles.

The most popular Horizon bike is probably the RC30 which has been around for a while – and has a lot of great user reviews. It’s a simple, solid, comfortable recumbent bike coming in at a steal of a price.

horizon upright exercise bike
Horizon Upright Bike

Pros of Horizon Exercise Bikes:



These bikes come with easily adjustable seats and seat backs (on the recumbent models). So you can make the bike fit your body – not the other way around.


Step-Through Design

Unlike bikes of the past, these models come with a step-through design. So you don’t have to struggle to throw your leg over a high solid barrier in between the pedals. It makes getting on and off the bike much easier.


Heart Rate Sensor

You can stay in your target fat-burning zone with the hand grip heart rate sensors on the sides of the bike.


Sturdy Build

Although these bikes are simple, they are built to be solid and sturdy. Even when you pedal hard, you won’t wobble or shake on the bike.

 horizon bike console

Cons of Horizon Exercise Bikes:


The consoles on some of the models are not backlit – so you could be straining a bit to read your workout stats.

Also note that you don’t get a lot of resistance levels with these bike (i.e. the RC30 has 8 resistance levels). Compare that to Nordic track which gives you about 22+ and you’ll see the difference. If you’re worried about topping out at the highest resistance level – and having nowhere to go from there, you may want to find a bike with more resistance levels.

Finally, these bikes tend to be simple. You get a few built-in workouts – but not nearly as many as you do with other brands. If that’s all you want – a simple, straightforward workout, these bikes will be fine for you.

Bottom Line?

Horizon exercise bikes – while maybe not the “coolest” kid on the block, are made to be simple, sturdy and strong. If you’re on a budget and want a brand that focuses on solid, sturdy construction, you’ll probably be very happy with a Horizon.


How To Save:

You can get the latest Horizon bikes direct from the Manufacturer. Plus they are offering Free Shipping INSIDE your home (most manufacturers will give you Free Shipping to the curb only. You pay extra to get it inside). So that’s a big strain off your back – and your pocketbook.

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