Lifecycle R3 Recumbent Bike Review

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Lifecycle R3 Recumbent Bike – A Good Buy For You?


lifecycle r3 recumbent bike review
Lifecycle Recumbent R3 Bike

The Lifecycle R3 recumbent bike is one of the more affordable Lifefitness recumbent bikes.

If you’ve been to a health club lately, you’ll know that Lifefitness is pretty much the favorite choice of gyms and health clubs for recumbent bikes – mainly because these bikes are just so darn comfortable.

The Lifecycle R3 Recumbent bike has been around for a few years now and has a strong base with proper ergonomic design for more comfortable workouts.

Another cool thing about this bike is the self-generated power feature. It doesn’t need cords or an electric outlet.

You can place it wherever you want in your home – making it really versatile.

So is the Lifecycle R3 Recumbent a good option for you?

Here’s a review of what to know before you buy:


lifecycle R3 recumbent bike review
R3 Lifecycle Recumbent Console



Lifecycle R3 Basics:

Price: $1899 + Free Shipping

Resistance Levels: 20

Built-In Workouts: 14

User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Footprint: 57 in x 26 in x 54 in

Reading Rack

Warranty:  3-year limited warranty on all mechanical and electrical, 1-year labor




Lifecycle R3 Recumbent Review – Key Benefits:


Easily Adjustable, Extra Comfortable Seat

When it comes to recumbent bikes, the seat is everything. And the R3 doesn’t disappoint. You can easily move the seat forward and backwards.

Plus you can also adjust the lean angle of the seat. So you can lean back or forward, based on what’s most comfortable for you. This makes it great for those with lower back problems.

Also the seat is a breathable mesh, making it cooler during those long workouts.



lifecycle R3 Recumbent bike Review



Proper Ergonomics

Another thing Lifefitness is known for is getting it right when it comes to ergonomics. The knee-over-pedal spindle design keeps your legs, knees and feet in proper alignment as you pedal – reducing injury and soreness post workout. It also helps to increase your workouts effectiveness.



Self Generated Power

Unlike a lot of other recumbent bikes which come with power cords and need to be placed near an outlet, the Lifecycle R3 Recumbent bike is made with self-generating power.

That means that all you do is get on and start to pedal – and the console lights up, ready to go. You don’t need a power cord or a close electric outlet.

This means you can place the bike pretty much anywhere in your home that works best for you.


lifecycle R3 recumbent bike review
R3 Lifecycle Recumbent Console


Backlit Console

The R3 Lifecycle Recumbent is sold with the Go Console (Lifecycle has a number of different consoles for their bikes). The Go Console is bright and backlit, giving you all of your workout feedback essentials like time, heart rate, calories, workout program and more.

There are also 14 different built-in workouts you can choose from to add some challenge to your workout.



Heart Rate Sensors Beside the Seat

While cheaper bikes usually place the EKG heart rate sensors up near the console (so you have to reach up to grasp them and get a heart rate reading), the Lifecycle R3 puts them down on the handrests on either side of your seat. This makes it a lot more convenient to grasp them and get a heart rate reading.

Plus if you order the Lifecycle R3 bike through the Manufacturer here you can also get a Free wireless heart rate monitor chest strap. Most people prefer the wireless monitor as it tends to give you more accurate results.



Extra Storage

There’s also a handy side mounted accessory tray next to the seat that can hold your water bottle plus some extras like your keys or the remote.

This is a little thing – but the extra storage space is often not found on a lot of other bikes – and it’s really convenient to have.


lifecycle r3 recumbent bike review
Lifecycle Recumbent R3 Bike




Lifecycle R3 Recumbent Bike Review – Any Drawbacks?


The Go console is a bit plain on this bike and there’s aren’t a lot of fancy extras like iPod docks or speakers.

Lifecycle has another console called the Track plus console that does include an iPod dock – but it’s not available on the R3 recumbent bike.


lifecycle r3 recumbent bike


Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a commercial-grade recumbent bike that is built to give you an ultra-comfortable ride, you’ll love the Lifecycle R3 Recumbent bike.

The money here went into proper ergonomics and design along with a beautifully designed adjustable seat.

It does fall down a bit in terms of extras and workout programs. But if you don’t care about those things, then the R3 is definitely a great option to consider.




Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the Lifecycle R3 Recumbent bike by going direct through the Manufacturer here. If you use the link below, you can also get the Free wireless heart monitor and get a code for Free Shipping to your home.


Click Here to Save on the R3 Lifecycle Recumbent


lifecycle r3 recumbent bike review
Lifecycle Recumbent R3 Bike




lifecycle r3 bike review



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