Lifespan R5i Recumbent Bike Review – The Right Choice for You?

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lifespan r5i recumbent bike review
Lifespan R5i Recumbent Bike

If you’re looking for a higher-end recumbent bike with some health-club style comforts, you may want to consider the Lifespan R5i Recumbent Bike.

It’s built with an ergonomic seat that adjusts easily forward and back.

Plus, you can also adjust the back seat angle – which is not something you find on a lot of bikes these days.

People with shoulder issues will also appreciate the unique chair-like side arm rests that can support your shoulders as you cycle.

Another cool thing about this bike is the self-generated power feature. It doesn’t need cords or an electric outlet to work.

You can place the bike wherever you want in your home – making it really versatile.

So is the Lifespan R5 Recumbent Bike a good choice for you?

Here’s a review of what to know before you buy:


Lifespan R5i Console


Lifespan R5i Basics:

Price: $1899 + Free Shipping

Resistance Levels: 16

Built-In Workouts: 40

User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Footprint: 70″ L x 27.5″ W x 44.5″ H

Warranty:  Lifetime frame, 5-year-parts and 2 years labor



Lifespan R5i Review – Key Benefits:


Easily Adjustable, Extra Comfortable Seat

When it comes to recumbent bikes, the seat is everything. And the R5i recumbent bike doesn’t disappoint. You can easily move the seat forward and backwards.



Plus you can also adjust the back angle of the seat. So you can lean back or forward, based on what’s most comfortable for you. This makes it great for those with lower back problems.

Also the seat is a breathable mesh, making it cooler during those long workouts.



Chair-Style Arm Rests

The chair-style arm rests on this bike are something you don’t see every day. (Many recumbents have the arm rests down near the bottom seat area).

You can rest your arms on these supports as you cycle. If you have shoulder issues, this is a handy way to support your arms throughout your workout and this can be much more comfortable for those with shoulder injuries.

Also note that there are EKG pulse rate sensors built into the arm rests. So you can also keep track of your heart rate easily using these arm rests.




Self Generated Power

Unlike a lot of other recumbent bikes which come with power cords and need to be placed near an outlet, the Lifespan R5i Recumbent bike is made with self-generating power.

That means that all you do is get on and start to pedal. The console will light up, ready to go. You don’t need a power cord or an electric outlet close to the bike.

This means you can place the bike pretty much anywhere in your home that works best for you.




Backlit Console

While it’s not the fanciest console out there, it’s still well laid out and easy to read. The console is multi-color and shows your program name, date and time, workout time, calories, RPM, distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level and watts.

There are easy, soft-button controls for your start/stop and resistance levels.

The console on this bike also comes with 40 built-in workouts for added challenge – including programs focusing on your heart rate, weight management and sports training.



Track Your Results Online

The Lifespan R5 recumbent comes Bluetooth compatible. You can sync it easily with the Lifespan online app to track your exercise minutes, calories burned or distance traveled.

So you can be inspired by seeing how far you’ve come over time!




Lifespan R5i Recumbent Bike Review – Any Drawbacks?


As stated above, the console is a bit simple. Considering that similarly priced bikes like the Nordictrack R35 Commercial bike gives you a full-color, HD console with streaming workouts, the R5i does fall down in terms of console options.

Also, if you don’t need the shoulder rests, and you don’t want to hold your arms in that position for the full workout, it can be a bit annoying.



Bottom Line?

In a world where almost every bike is bringing out fancy streaming programs and online tracking, the Lifespan R5i recumbent bike goes in a different direction.

It focuses instead on building a comfortable, ergonomically correct recumbent bike with little comforts like an angle-adjust back seat and arm rests to support your shoulders.

While you do have entertainment options like the 40 built-in workouts and the Lifespan tracking app, that’s not really where this bike shines.

It shines more in the area of strong constuction and extra-comfortable seat design. Plus because of the self-generating power, you have the freedom to place this bike anywhere in your home that you choose.

If that’s what you’re looking for, this is a fantastic bike for you.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can buy the Lifespan R5i Recumbent bike by going direct through the Manufacturer here. You can read the latest user reviews and see full specs on the bike.

Plus, if you use the link below, you can also get Free Shipping to your home which can save you around $150.


Click Here to Save on the Lifespan R5 Bike


lifespan r5i recumbent bike review
Lifespan R5i Recumbent Bike




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