Nautilus 618 Recumbent Bike Review

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Nautilus 618 Recumbent – A Good Buy For You?


nautilus 618 recumbent bike review
Nautilus R618 Bike

The Nautilus 618 Recumbent  is the premium bike in the Nautilus Recumbent bike lineup – with some impressive health-club style features.

You can adjust the seat forward or back – to the exact place you want it with the easy slide mechanism.

Plus you can also adjust the angle of the seat back as well, ensuring the maximum comfort for your ride.

The Nautilus 618 bike also comes Bluetooth compatible and you can easily track and sync your workouts with the (free) Nautilus app on your phone.

Or use RideSocial to add some virtual reality riding fun to your workout. Ride trails all over the world and watch the scenery pass you by on your phone or tablet!

So is the Nautilus 618 Recumbent a good buy for you?

Here’s a review of the pros and cons to help you decide:



nautilus 618 recumbent bike review
Nautilus 618 Recumbent Console



Price: $899 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Resistance: 25 Levels

Built-In Workouts: 29

User Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Bluetooth? Yes

Heart Rate: Hand Grip and Wireless

Footprint: 67.3″ X 26.8″ X 48.8″

Warranty: 15 years frame / 3 years on parts / 1 year on labor




Nautilus 618 Recumbent Bike Review – Pros:


Gym-Quality Seat Comfort

The seat on this bike is very similar to what you find in health club bikes – and much better than any of the other Nautilus recumbent models. You can easily adjust the seat forward or back while sitting on the bike with the slide adjust lever under the seat.


nautilus r618 bike review


You can also easily adjust the seat back angle – which is important especially for those dealing with an injury.

It’s also a gel-seat which helps to mold to your body and give you the most comfortable feel during your ride.



Adjustable Dual Backlit Console

The blue backlit console is easy to read with 2 different LCD screens to see your workout feedback. Plus you can also adjust the angle of the console to find the best viewing angle for your height.

There’s also a tablet/phone/magazine holder on the console – so you can easily surf the web or watch shows on your tablet of phone as you cycle.


nautilus r618 bike reviewBluetooth Connectivity

The Nautilus R618 bike also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily track and sync your workouts with the free Nautilus app on your phone to see how far you’ve come.

You can also download the RideSocial App and use it to ride trails all over the world as you cycle for a more realistic, “virtual reality” training experience – very cool.



Integrated Resistance Controls

You get a very healthy 25 levels of resistance on this bike – so you have a lot of room to grow.

You can adjust the resistance from the buttons on the console – or you can use the controls on the handrails underneath the seat. It’s very convenient to be able to adjust it from here without having to reach up to the console.


nautilus 618 recumbent bike review
Nautilus R618 Bike



Heart Rate Controls

You can track your heart rate and stay in your target fat-burning zone with the hand-grip sensors on the side handrails on either side of your seat. This bike will also work with a wireless heart rate monitor as well (not included with the bike).



4 User Settings

The Nautilus R618 recumbent holds and stores the information for 4 different users. So you don’t have to re-enter everything when you go to start your workout. This is great for multiple-user homes.



Heavy Machine Adds Stability

Another thing that sets this bike apart from the other Nautilus models is that it’s a heavier unit weight. This makes it a bit harder to move around – but it also gives you a bike that feels a lot more stable and solid when you use it.


nautilus 618 recumbent exercise bike review



Nautilus 618 Recumbent Bike Review – Any Cons?


Outdated Console Graphics

The console graphics on this bike are fairly outdated. They haven’t been changed or updated in years. Compare this to the Nordictrack VR25 console with a full-color, HD touch-screen console and you’ll see a huge difference. However for this price point they’re ok.


nautilus 618 recumbent bike review
Nautilus 618 Recumbent Console


Bottom Line?

The Nautilus 618 recumbent bike is a mid-range bike with a few impressive health-club-style features. Where this bike really shines is in the seat adjustability (forward and back, back angle) and comfort (gel seat, extra padding). Plus with the step-thru design, you don’t have to lift a leg to get on and off – which is great if you’re dealing with an injury.

While the console is a bit outdated – it’s still backlit and easy to read. Plus you can connect with RideSocial and add some virtual reality training if you need some extra challenge.

Plus with the heavier unit weight and weighted pedals you’ll get more of a health-club feel to the bike. Overall a great recumbent bike that won’t break the bank.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the new Nautilus 618 recumbent bike model direct from the Manufacturer here. You’ll also get Free Shipping to your home and you can read the latest user reviews of this model.


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nautilus 618 recumbent bike review
Nautilus R618 Bike



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