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Why We Changed To A Blog Format


exercise bike reviewHello all you exercise bike fans – you may have noticed a new look for the site.

We are changing this website over to a blog format in order to make it easier to manage.


Well, frankly, the world of fitness equipment is always changing. There are always new models coming out – and that changes things.

For example, if several new models come out – that can make older models that were good buys – seem obsolete (or at least not as good of a buy as before).

Plus there are always new coupons and price changes and even new reviews we get (with loads of great tips for our readers). In order to stay on top of this, a blog format is the best way to keep you informed.

So with that said, you’ll still find the latest brand reviews, coupons and buying tips – they will just be structured in a different format. Hopefully this will make things easier for you to find what you want, when you want it.

Thanks for your patience and let’s find you the BEST exercise bike for your home!

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