Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 Bike Review

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Is the Nordictrack VU 29 Bike A Good Buy For You?


nordictrack commercial vu 29 bike reviewThe Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 bike is a new, premium upright bike with some very cool perks.

The best thing about this bike?

The extra-large 14-inch, full-color, HD, touch-screen console. You can connect to iFit online and ride famous trails all over the world.

Watch the scenery pass you by as you ride for a more immersive cycling experience.

You can also take cycling classes through the console screen from the comfort of your own home – very cool.

So is the Nordictrack VU 29 exeercise bike a good choice for you? How does it compare?

Here’s a review of the pros and cons of this bike to help you decide:


Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 Bike Console


The Basics:

Price: $1299 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Resistance: 24 Levels

Screen Size: 14 Inches

User Weight Capacity: 325 lbs

Footprint: 55.29 ” H x 24.86″ W x 41.49″ L

iFit Compatible

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 2 year parts, 1 year labor


nordictrack commercial vu 29 bike review


Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 Bike Review – Benefits:


Full-Color, HD Console

This is one of the largest consoles that you’ll find on a Nordictrack bike – and double the size of the other upright bike – the VU 19 bike.

It comes in at a very generous 14-inches across. The large, full-color, HD, touch-screen pulls you into the action as you ride.



You can connect with iFit through the console and ride famous trails all over the world or take full cycling classes from your home (more on iFit below).

The console screen also tilts so you can find your optimal viewing angle. And there’s also a dual-speed fan to keep you cool as you ride.



Adjustable Seat With Extra Padding

The seat is easily adjustable vertically and horizontally so you can find the right fit for your height. The seat is also oversized with extra padding for added comfort.



iFit Coach

As stated above, you can connect with iFit through the touch-screen console. iFit is Nordictrack’s streaming service with all sorts of fun things to try.

You can cycle trails all over the world – map out your own with the Googlemaps feature – or choose from thousands of pre-recorded trails. You can ride on your own and enjoy the scenery or ride with a trainer who coaches you along your workout.


Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 Bike Console


Can’t get to the gym?

No problem – choose from one of thousands of online streaming cycling fitness classes.

There are all types of classes from beginner to advanced – and they’re always adding more.



You can also track your workouts online, set new goals and see how far you’ve come. You can get personalized advice on everything from your everyday activity to your nutrition and even your sleep patterns!  iFit basically turns a boring old bike into your own personal trainer studio.



Bluetooth Compatible Audio with Speakers

Plug your device into the console and play your favorite workout music through the two console speakers.


24 Resistance Levels

Add some challenge to your workout with up to 24 resistance levels. You can change these automatically from the console.

Plus this bike comes with Automatic Trainer Control. This means that as you pedal different iFit trails or take classes, the trainer or program can change the resistance for you to give you a more realistic training experience (you can override this feature if you choose).




Nordictrack VU 29 Bike – Any Drawbacks?


The Nordictrack VU 29 bike doesn’t come with some of the perks that Nordictrack’s Studio upright bikes have like incline/decline and vertical consoles – but it’s also about $300 cheaper. So it’s a good tradeoff.

Also, Nordictrack took out the hand rate EKG sensors on this bike for some reason. So if you want to track your heart rate, you’ll need to add in your own heart rate chest strap.



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a mid-range upright bike that gives you a more immersive cycling experience, you may want to check out the Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 bike.

You get one of the largest HD, full-color screens you’ll find on an upright bike at this price point. This larger screen can really pull you into the action and motivate you to go further.

Plus you can do so much with this bike you’ll never be bored.

Ride trails all over the world, track your daily results, take fitness classes for extra challenge – or just enjoy your favorite music playlist through the console speakers.



How To Save:

You can get the Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 upright bike direct from the Manufacturer here. You can see how it works, get full specs and even watch a video of how it works.


Click Here to Save on the Nordictrack VU 29


nordictrack commercial vu 29 bike review
Nordictrack Commercial VU 29 Upright Bike




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