Nordictrack 2.7 Upright Bike Review – Worth Your Money?

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How does the Nordictrack GX 2.7 Exercise Bike Stack Up?


Please Note: The Nordictrack 2.7 has been discontinued. It has been upgraded to the new Nordictrack VU 19 with a larger console, upgraded flywheel and more resistance levels. Click Here for the Full Review


nordictrack gx 2.7 exercise bike review
Nordictrack 2.7 Upright Bike

The GX 2.7 upright is one of Nordictrack’s most affordable upright models, coming in at a fantastic price under $700 with Free Shipping.

It comes with all of the bells and whistles that make Nordictrack bikes so popular – including iFit LIVE, one touch resistance, lots of resistance levels and bright, backlit console.

Plus they’ve also made the console adjustable – another bonus – so you can custom-adjust it to fit you.

Is it right for you? Here’s what you need to know:


The Basics:


Price: $699 + Free Shipping Here

Resistance Levels: 20

Workout Programs: 20

Heart Rate Hand Grips

iFit Compatible

iPod Dock

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, 1 Year Parts and Warranty



nordictrack 2.7 upright bike console


Pros of the Nordictrack GX 2.7 Exercise Bike:


Adjustable Console

You can move and tilt the console into a position that suits you. With the console fan, this is a great way to make sure you’re getting a nice cooling breeze exactly where you want it (instead of bouncing off the top of your head like a lot of console fans tend to do).

This also makes it a great way to customize the bike to different family members.


nordic track 2.7 exercise bike console



15 lb Flywheel

With bikes, a heavier flywheel gives you a smoother feeling ride (especially during resistance transitions). The Nordictrack GX 2.7 comes with a 15 lb enhanced balanced flywheel.

While it’s not the heaviest one out there, this is still on the heavier side, especially for a budget starter bike like this. It can help give you a smooth feeling ride.



20 Resistance Levels 

While it’s not the most resistance levels – it’s still pretty decent and gives you some room to grow. There are also one-touch resistance buttons on the console, so you can change the resistance with one button, instead of scrolling through your options.




iFit for Nordictrack upright 2.7 Exercise BikeNot all Nordictrack models come with iFit LIVE, so it’s a great feature here. With iFit LIVE you can download new workouts from the Internet to your bike, race against Facebook friends, track your fitness and nutrition online, set new fitness goals and more.

It’s a very popular technology that can turn a boring bike into your own personal fitness studio.



Bright, Blue Backlit Console

Nordictrack makes some of the best consoles out there right now. This console is bright and easy to read – I find that the numbers are larger than other brand consoles – which is really handy if you don’t like squinting at small type.

You can easily read your resistance, time, distance, pulse and calories burned. Plus you also view your progress on a visual, quarter-mile racetrack.  There’s also an iPod jack and speakers to plug in your iPod or MP3 and play your favorite tunes.


nordictrack 2.7 console up close



20 Workout Programs

There are 20 built-in workouts with this bike – in addition to the iFit options. There are 10 calorie based and 10 performance based workouts that adjust the resistance and distance for you.



Cons of the Nordictrack GX 2.7 Upright:


So are there any drawbacks to this bike? Well, there are a few things you should be aware of.

For example, iFit LIVE does require you to purchase an iFit Module to attach it to your console (around $99 which you can get when you buy your bike direct from the manufacturer). You don’t need iFit to use the bike (or the built-in workouts or other features). But if you get bored easily and want a challenge, it might be worth the investment.

Also, the number of resistance levels (20) should be fine for most people – but if you are a seasoned cyclist, you may want more resistance levels for a higher challenge.



Bottom Line:


The Nordictrack GX 2.7 Exercise bike is a solid, well-rounded upright bike – affordable but still comfortable (adjustable seat up and down, back and forth along with an adjustable console).

The decent-sized flywheel gives you a smoother ride. And the 2-speed fan can be angled to cool your face (not the air above you). Plus it carries some great entertainment options to continually challenge you (iFit LIVE, 20 built-in workouts, iPod dock).

It’s definitely a starter bike – it won’t give you the feel, ergonomics or stability of a mid-range or premium bike. However it should be fine if you’re planning on occasional riding only.


Where to Buy and Save:


You can get the new Nordictrack GX 2.7 bike direct from the manufacturer. Plus, as of this writing you can also get Free Shipping to your home.


Click Here to Save on the Nordictrack GX 2.7 Upright Bike


nordic track GX 2.7 exercise bike
Nordictrack 2.7 Upright



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