Nordictrack S15i vs Grand Tour Pro Bike Comparison – Which is Best for You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack S15i vs Grand Tour Pro bike?

Both are popular home bikes that give you an enhanced training experience – including streaming classes and world trail rides.

They both also give you incline and decline for a more realistic riding workout.


nordictrack S15i vs S22i Studio bike Comparison
Nordictrack S15i Studio Bike


The Grand Tour bike was introduced a few years before the S15i bike and it instantly became a favorite with buyers.

The S15i Studio Cycle came out about a year and a half ago and flew off the shelves so fast they couldn’t keep it in stock over the holidays.

One of the best features of both bikes?

You get an impressive full color, HD, touch-screen console. You can ride real-life world trails with iFit Coach right from your console. Or stream a studio cycling class from the comfort of your own home!


Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro vs proform studio bike pro comparison
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro Bike


Both bikes also give you vertically and horizontally adjustable seats plus free 3-pound handweights to work your upper body.

So how do they compare to each other?

And which bike is best for you?

Here’s a review of the key differences between the Nordictrack S15i vs Grand Tour Pro bike to help you decide:



Nordictrack S15i vs Grand Tour – Price


As of this writing the Nordictrack Grand tour Pro is the more affordable of the two bikes, coming in around $200 less than the S15i with iFit included here.

The Nordictrack S15i comes in just a bit higher. However, you can get an instant discount plus a 1-year iFit membership included here. 

So is the Nordictrack S15i bike worth the extra money? Let’s take a look:



nordictrack grand tour pro vs proform studio bike pro
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro Bike



Nordictrack S15i vs Grand Tour Pro – Console


Both consoles are multi-color, HD and touch-screen sensitive. So you can enjoy your workout stats in full color as you cycle. You can also watch the iFit Coach world scenery and stream workout classes in full color on either bike screen.

There are however a few differences you should know.

The Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro console is slightly smaller at 10 inches across:


exercise bike with tablet holder
Grand Tour Pro Console


The Nordictrack S15i console is larger at 14 inches across:


Nordictrack S15i Console


You’ll also notice that the console on the S15i model sits more at eye level than the console on the Grand Tour bike – which is lower. Here’s another view of the Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro console:


Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro Console


And the Nordictrack S15i bike console:


exercise bike with screen


This isn’t really a deal breaker. It just means the S15i console may be a bit easier on your neck, especially during long trail rides or long cycling classes.

There are a few more differences. First, you’ll notice the handlebars and console setup on the Nordictrack S15i is just a bit more sleek and professional looking than the Grand tour bike.

The handlebars are also a bit more padded for extra comfort.

Another difference? The console on the Nordictrack S15i bike swivels 180 degrees. So you can get off the bike and finish your workout, cool down etc.


nordictrack s15i vs S22i bike compared
Nordictrack S15i


The console on the Grand Tour Pro bike does not swivel.



Tablet Holder

You may have also noticed that the Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro has something the Nordictrack S15i doesn’t – a tablet holder above the console

This is a handy way to attach your tablet, surf the net and watch movies or TV shows as you cycle.


Nordictrack Grand tour vs proform studio bike pro
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro Bike



Grand Tour vs S15i Bike: Incline/Decline

Both bikes give you power incline or decline. In fact, the bikes will also incline or decline automatically to match the iFit world trail that you’re riding – which is pretty cool.

The difference is that you get more incline with the Nordictrack S15i – up to 20% incline and 10% decline.

The Nordictrack Grand Tour pro only gives you up to 10% incline and 10% decline (which is still pretty good, considering most bikes don’t have this feature at all).

So you have a bit more room to grow or challenge yourself with the higher incline on the S15i model.


nordictrack S15i incline decline
Nordictrack S15i Incline/Decline


Resistance Levels

The Nordictrack S15i Studio bike gives you 22 resistance levels.

Surprisingly, the Grand Tour Pro gives you a few more – 26 resistance levels. So you get a few more ways to challenge yourself with the Grand Tour Pro – although it isn’t a huge difference.


Nordictrack S15i vs peloton bike
Nordictrack S15i Studio Bike


Seat Adjustments

Both bike seats are padded for extra comfort and adjust vertically and horizontally. However, the S15i has a small advantage: you can swap it out for a seat of your choosing.

So if you really like to choose your own bike seat (or you already have one you like), you can swap it out on the S15i model.

You can’t do this with the Grand Tour Pro.



Nordictrack S15i with ifit
iFit Guided Workout
Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line when comparing the Nordictrack S15i vs Grand Tour Pro bikes?

They each have their benefits.

The Grand Tour bike is a bit more affordable – and it gives you the tablet holder above the console along with more resistance levels.

However the Nordictrack S15i gives you a larger screen size for a more immersive experience. You get more incline to challenge yourself and you can also swivel the console and change out the seat if you want. Plus, it looks a little more polished.

So at the end of the day it comes down to what you prefer.

Regardless of which bike you choose, you’re still getting a much more immersive training experience than other training bikes – at a very affordable price. So you can’t go too far wrong with either bike.

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nordictrack S15i vs S22i Studio bike Comparison
Nordictrack S15i Studio Bike



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exercise bike with tablet holder
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro




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