Nordictrack S22i Review – Frequently Asked Questions About the S22i Studio Cycle

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Thinking about the Nordictrack S22i Commercial Studio cycle?

Not sure if it’s the right choice for you?

Or maybe you have some questions?

The Nordictrack S22i studio bike is one of the most popular training bikes on the market right now – with good reason.

It gives you a much more immersive cycling experience than any bike we’ve seen before.

This includes a massive 22-inch screen, iFit world trail cycling workouts, streaming fitness classes and even incline and decine!

While you can read the full Nordictrack S22i review here, you might have more specific questions (judging by the feedback we get on this site).

So this post will answer some of the most popular questions we get about the S22i Studio Cycle including dimensions, iFit Coach questions and more.

Editor’s Note: These questions only relate to the latest S22i bike model at this time. Features can change at any time according to the manufacturer.

For the most up-to-date specs and information on the Nordictrack S22i bike, please go directly to the Manufacturer’s product page here.


nordictrack s22i studio cycle
Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle

Nordictrack S22i Commercial Studio Cycle: FAQs:


What Are the Nordictrack S22i Dimensions?

The measurements on this bike are: 55″L x 21.9″ W x 56.9″ H



Does the Nordictrack S22i Have Live Classes?

Unfortunately, no. You can however choose from thousands of on-demand (pre-recorded) cycling classes from beginner to experience athlete (as well as other workouts like yoga, stetching, strength-training and more).

Also, many people actually prefer on-demand classes since live classes have one large drawback: you can’t pause them mid-class.

So if your phone goes off or you have to answer the door – you can’t pause the live class – and can end up missing parts of the class.

But with streaming on-demand classes you can pause the class if your workout gets interrupted – which is much more convenient.


iFit Classes



How Long Does It Take to Assemble? Do I Need Professional Assembly?

No you don’t need to pay extra for professional assembly.

For most people the bike takes about 30 minutes to assemble. You won’t need any special tools except a screwdriver. You’ll also get full assembly instructions with the bike.



Does the Bike Work Without iFit?

Yes, the bike does work without iFit.

After your 1-year iFit membership is up – if you decide you don’t want to renew iFit, that’s no problem. The bike will work fine in manual mode.

You’ll still be able to read your workout feedback and use things like the resistance, incline and decline features.

iFit is just an add-on subscription if you want it. You can also add iFit back in at any time after your subscription runs out.



Nordictrack S22i vs Proform studio bike pro
Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle



Does the iFit Membership Cover My Family Members?

Yes, as of this writing the iFit Coach membership covers up to 4 family members.  Plus you can also use it across multiple machines – like bikes, treadmills and ellipticals.



How Much Does the Nordictrack S22i Weigh?

The box, upon arrival weighs 204 pounds, which is pretty heavy. You can however move the bike in parts when assembling it to make it easier and less of a strain.



Can I Swap Out the Bike Seat?

Yes, you can. The Nordictrack S22i bike is compatible with standard road bike pedals and seats.



nordictrack S22i indoor cycle review



What’s the Nordictrack S22i Weight Limit?

The weight limit on the Nordictrack S22i bike is 350 pounds.



How Many Resistance Levels?

You get 22 resistance levels on this bike. You can change them from the controls on the handlebars (power resistance controls)




Do I Need Special Shoes For This Bike?

No, unlike some training bikes, you don’t need any special clip-in shoes for this bike. Regular cycling or running shoes are fine.



Does This Bike Work With A Heart Rate Monitor?

Yes the S22i is BLE compatible and will work with a wireless heart rate monitor.



nordictrack Grand tour pro vs s22i bike comparison



Can I Override the Trainer Controlling My Incline and Decline?

Yes. Normally the trainer in the iFit class will control the incline, decline and resistance for you, according to the workout. However, you can always override this and control these things yourself.



Where Can I Buy the Nordictrack S22i Bike?

You can buy this bike direct from the Manufacturer here.

Use the linke below to get Free Shipping, Free 3-Pound Handweights and the 1-year iFit Membership included with your purchase.

Plus you can see the full bike specs and read the latest user reviews on this bike.


Click Here for A Special Offer on the Nordictrack S22 Bike



nordictrack s22i studio cycle
Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle


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