Nordictrack Updates the S22i Studio Bike – See What’s New!

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Thinking about the Nordictrack S22i Studio bike?

The Nordictrack S22i exercise bike is one of those rare bikes that come out – and completely change the game.


nordictrack S22i studio bike new

It came out in late 2019 and flew off the shelves. Nordictrack couldn’t keep it in stock over Christmas or New Years – orders were backlogged for weeks.

Not surprising – the S22 bike was a cheaper, better alternative to a very popular, name-brand bike that offered streaming classes at home.

With the Nordictrack S22i bike, you got a much better deal with more streaming features and more training options – for hundreds less. Buyers could not get enough.

This training bike has now been around for 2 years – and the good news?

Nordictrack has updated it this year to be even BETTER than the original model.



What’s New with the Nordictrack S22i Studio Bike?


Here’s a rundown of the new, improved features for 2021 / 2022.

(If you just want to go directly to the Manufacturer’s site and check out the latest deals on the Nordictrack S22i, click the link directly below).


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Improved Console Graphics

The coolest thing about this bike has got to be the massive 22-inch, full-color, HD, touch-screen. You can see your workout stats with a swipe of your fingers.

Or connect online to iFit and bike famous trails all over the world – from the streets of Paris to the Swiss Alps to the shores of Hawaii.

The scenery will pass you by as you bike, giving you a more immersive training experience.

You can also stream studio fitness classes to your home. Take a new cycling class every day if you want!



Nordictrack has improved the console graphics on this bike. The console screen is a new Android 9 OS with faster Wifi connectivity and reception. You also get 2X more RAM.

What does this mean for you in non-tech speak?

Well, your screen graphics will be clearer and brighter.

The bike will also respond faster in real time – either to the global interactive workouts or to the cycling classes. This will give you a much more immersive, realistic training experience.



best indoor cycling bikes 2019
Incline and Decline on the Nordictrack S22i


New Quiet Drive Lift Technology

Another cool thing about the Nordictrack S22i bike?

It has incline and decline!

You don’t usually find a bike that inclines and declines. And even better? The bike will incline or decline to match the terrain of the world trail that you’re riding – giving you an even more immersive training experience.

Nordictrack has improved the incline on this bike with the new quiet drive technology. That means when you incline it’s much quieter than before.

It’s also faster.

Nordictrack has added a 15% faster DC lift motor. So the bike will respond faster when you need it to incline or decline.


Nordictrack S22i Bike


New Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity

There’s now a new silencing capability with the Bluetooth connectivity and the S22i bike.

This is great if you have sleeping toddlers or other work-from-home members of the family that need a quiet environment.


New LIVE iFit Classes

While there are thousands of studio bike classes to stream with iFit on this bike, iFit has now added live classes as well.

So you can follow your favorite trainer in real time, take classes with your friends or even text your trainer a question during the class. This is pretty cool and it brings another level to your indoor training.




So those are 4 different improvements that Nordictrack has made to the new S22i Studio bike.

And the best news?

As of right now anyways, Nordictrack has not increased the price at all – you can still get it for the same price it’s always been.


Where Can You Buy the New Model?

Some stores may still be selling the older model. However the best way to get the new, upgraded model this year is to buy it direct from the Manufacturer here.

You’ll also get delivery and assembly included – which is a fantastic deal.


Click Here to Get the New Nordictrack S22i Bike


nordictrack S22i studio bike new




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