Nordictrack S27i vs S22i Studio Bike Comparison – Which is Best for You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack S27i vs S22i Studio Bikes?

Wondering how they’re different – and which is best for you?


nordictrack S22i studio Bike - 2022
Nordictrack S22i Studio Bike

Great question.

Both bikes are premium streaming exercise bikes with large, full-color, HD, touch-screen consoles.

They both also have the popular incline and decline of Nordictrack’s Studio bikes and respond to the iFit world trails for a more immersive workout experience.

The Nordictrack S22i was the first bike to come out around 2018 – and it practically flew off the shelves. It was so popular that the manufacturer couldn’t keep it in stock over the holiday season.

The S22i model has since been upgraded with the latest toys. This year’s upgrades include a better sound system, more comfortable seat and dual-sided pedals.

The Nordictrack S27i was introduced this year as the top premium bike in the series.

It has a lot of the same features as the S22i bike including the upgraded sound system, dual-sided pedals and padded, ergonomic seat.


nordictrack s27i vs S22i Studio Bike
Nordictrack S27i Studio Bike


Both bikes are also iFit compatible so you can ride trails all over the world and take live or streaming fitness classes from your home.

So how are they different?

This post will break down the key differences between the Nordictrack S27i vs S22i Studio bikes to help you find the best fit for you.



Nordictrack S27i vs S22i – Price


As of this writing, the Nordictrack S22i bike is the more affordable model – coming in around $1899 with iFit here.

The Nordictrack S27i bike is the next model up in the series with a few more perks – so it comes in a bit higher. You can usually buy it direct for around $2499 with iFit here.

So is the Nordictrack S27i worth the extra money? Read on to find out.



Nordictrack S22i vs S27i – Console

This is where you see a big difference between the Nordictrack S27i vs S22i bikes.

Both bikes give you impressive, full-color, touch-screen, HD consoles.

So you can see your workout stats with a swipe of your finger. Or you can go online and ride trails all over the world with iFit, watching the scenery pass you by in the console screen.

The real difference is in the size of the console.

The Nordictrack S22i bike comes with an impressive 22-inch screen as seen below:


Nordictrack S22i Console


This is a much larger screen than you get with a lot of mid-range home exercise bikes. And it can really make your streaming workouts come alive.

However, the Nordictrack S27i steps it up – with an even larger 27-inch screen as seen below:



While both screens are very large – the 27-inch screen on the S27i bike can give you a more immersive, enjoyable training experience.

And most people will enjoy their workouts with the larger screen – just like we all prefer a larger TV screen or a larger computer screen.

Note that both screens connect to iFit directly and they also both tilt and swivel 360 degrees. So you can find your preferred viewing angle with either of these bike consoles.



Nordictrack S27i or S22i – Handweights

Both bikes come with a free pair of 3-pound handweights. So you can build in some upper body training as you workout.

However the design of the two bikes is a bit different.

With the S22i bike model you can store them in front of you on the shelf right in front of the console:


Nordictrack S22i Bike


With the S27i bike, you store them behind your seat in the wire rack. The shelf in front of the console is smaller and is only really sufficient to hold something like your phone:


nordictrack s27i vs S22i Studio Bike
Nordictrack S27i Studio Bike



Nordictrack S22i or S27i – Weight

There’s also a slight weight difference between the S22i and the S27i bikes.

The Nordictrack S22i comes in at 205 pounds and the Nordictrack S27i bike comes in at 217 pounds.

Usually a heavier bike means a more stable feeling bike.



But the difference here is really not that much – and probably mostly due to the larger screen on the S27i bike.

So the difference in weight probably won’t make too much of a difference in stability between the two models. They both have heavy premium steel frames with inertia enhanced flywheels. So either one will give you a very stable-feeling ride.

However if you plan on moving the bike around a lot, you may want to opt for the slightly lighter S22i bike.



Footprint Differences

Another difference is in the measurements of the bikes. The Nordictrack S22i bike comes in at 61” L x 22” W x 58” H 

The Nordictrack S27i bike measures: 57” L x 28” W x 65” H

So the S22i bike is a bit longer but not as wide or high as the S27i bike. The S27i model is higher (most likely because of the larger screen) and wider.

Again, one isn’t better than another. But if space is limited in your workout area, this might be a concern to you.


Live Classes on S22i



Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line? Which is best when comparing the Nordictrack S27i vs S22i Studio bikes?

Well, they both give you streaming workouts on large screens as well as impressive incline and decline for a better crosstraining workout.

The Nordictrack S22i bike has been around longer, is more affordable and has the handweights in front of your seat for easier access.

The Nordictrack S27i bikes however has a larger screen – which will make the iFit workouts and world trail rides a lot more fun.

So it really depends on what you want at the end of the day.

Regardless of which bike you choose, check out the links below for a special offer on either bike.


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nordictrack s27i vs S22i Studio Bike
Nordictrack S27i Studio Bike



Click for Free Shipping on the Nordictrack S22i


nordictrack S22i studio Bike - 2022
Nordictrack S22i Studio Bike




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