Nordictrack VR23 vs VR25 Recumbent Bike – Which is Best For You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack VR23 vs VR25 Recumbent Bikes?


nordictrack vr23 vs vr25 recumbet bike review
Nordictrack Commercial VR25 Recumbent


You’re not alone. These are two of the most popular recumbent bikes that Nordictrack makes. And they have very similar overall look and design. This leaves people wondering – what’s the difference?

While these two bikes both give you adjustable seats with lumbar support, iFit LIVE compatibility, 26 resistance levels and a similar warranty, there are some differences between them. Knowing these will help you make the best choice based on your goals, preferences and budget.



nordictrack vr23 vs vr25 exercise bike
Nordictrack VR23 Commercial Recumbent Bike



With that in mind, here’s a comparison of the two bikes with what you need to know before you buy:


Nordictrack VR23 vs VR25 – Price


The Nordictrack VR23 is the more affordable of the two bikes coming in around $999 with Free Shipping here. This makes it the more popular choice for buyers on a budget.

The Nordictrack VR25 is the more premium model and comes in around $1299 with Free Shipping here. However it does give you several more upgraded features that you may want.



Nordictrack VR23 vs VR25 – Console


The console is where you can see one of the big differences between these two bikes. The VR23 has a large (7 inch) easy-to-read, backlit console with a scrolling message board that you can see below. However it’s only dual color.


nordictrack commercial vr23 vs vr25 bike
Nordictrack VR23 Exercise Bike Console



Contrast this with the VR 25 bikes which has a full-color console (same size) and you’ll see there’s quite a difference:



nordictrack vr23 vs vr25 recumbent bike comparison
Nordictrack VR25 Recumbent Bike Console


The VR25 console is also web-enabled which is a fancy way of saying you can surf the net from the touch-screen console as you bike.

So you can read the latest entertainment news, watch YouTube videos or catch up with Facebook friends on the VR25 – something you can’t do on the VR23. This can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your workout time.


nordictrack commercial vr25 vs vr23
Nordictrack VR25 bike with iFit LIVE


It can also make a difference if you’re planning on getting iFit LIVE – as the scenery really comes alive with the iFit on the full-color console – as you can see above.



Nordictrack VR25 vs VR23 – Flywheel


A large, heavy flywheel helps to give you a smoother feeling ride to your workout. It also helps to anchor the machine for a more stable feel.


nordictrack vr23 recumbent bike vs VR25 Recumbent Bike
Nordictrack VR23 Recumbent Bike


The VR 23 bikes comes with a very respectable 23 pound flywheel which is quite good. The VR25 bike however outdoes it with a heavier 25 pound flywheel – which is excellent.



Nordictrack VR23 vs VR25 – Workout Programs


The VR25 also comes with a few more built-in workouts than the VR23 bike: 35 vs 32. So you have a bit more you can do on this bike.

nordictrack vr23 or vr25 bike


However if you’re planning on getting an iFit LIVE subscription – which basically lets you download unlimited new workouts to your bike – this may not matter to you.



Bottom Line?

The Nordictrack VR23 and the VR25 bikes are very similar in that they both give you lumbar-supported, adjustable seats, heart rate monitors, bright, backlit consoles, iPod docks and oversized, ergonomic pedals.


nordictrack vr23 vs vr25 bike comparison


The real differences are seen in the console. With the VR25 recumbent bike you can surf the net or just watch your workout stats in full color. Also if you’re planning on getting iFit LIVE, the color console also makes the road scenes come alive as you ride.

The other difference is in the heavier flywheel on the Nordictrack VR25. This helps to add stability and give you a smoother-feeling ride – even though the VR23 flywheel is no slouch either and would probably be fine for most people.

At the end of the day it really depends on your budge, preferences and workout goals.

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nordictrack vr23 vs vr25 recumbet bike review
Nordictrack Commercial VR25 Recumbent



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nordictrack vr23 vs vr25 exercise bike
Nordictrack VR23 Commercial Recumbent Bike



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