Nordictrack VR25 vs R35 Recumbent Bike Comparison – Which is Best for You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack VR25 vs R35 Recumbent Bikes?

Wondering how they’re different – and which is best for you?


nordictrack VR25 vs R35 Recumbent Bike
Nordictrack VR25 Recumbent


These are two of Nordictracks most popular recumbent bike models. They both give you extra-padded, adjustable seats with lumbar support for an extra-comfortable workout.

They also both come with easy step-through design which makes it easier to get on and off the bike.

You also get full-color, HD touch-screen consoles with both bikes.

You can go online with iFit and ride famous trails all over the world – or take a cycling class from your own home.


nordictrack commercial r35 bike review
Nordictrack R35 Bike


So what’s the difference between them? And which one should you choose?

Here’s a review of the main differences between the Nordictrack VR25 vs R35 recumbent bikes to help you decide.

Nordictrack VR25 vs R35 Bike – Price


As of this writing the Nordictrack VR25 bike is the more affordable model coming in around $1499 with iFit here.

The Nordictrack R35 Commercial bike is the next model up in the series with a few more perks – so it comes in a bit higher. You can usually get it direct for around $1799 with iFit here.

So is the Nordictrack Commercial R35 worth the extra money? Read on to find out.


Nordictrack R35 Bike


Nordictrack R35 vs VR25 Bike – Console

This is where you see a big difference between the Nordictrack VR25 vs R35 bikes.

Both bikes give you impressive, full-color, touch-screen, HD consoles.

So you can see your workout stats with a swipe of your finger. Or you can go online and ride trails all over the world with iFit, watching the scenery pass you by in the console screen.

The real difference is in the size of the console. The Nordictrack VR25 bike comes with a 7-inch screen as seen below:


nordictrack VR 21 vs VR 25 comparison
Nordictrack VR 25 Recumbent Bike Console


This isn’t a bad sized console – and it’s pretty standard for this price point.

However the Nordictrack R35 bike comes in much better with a double-the-size, 14-inch screen as seen below:


nordictrack r35 vs vr25 bike comparison
Nordictrack R35 Bike Console


The larger screen on the Nordictrack R35 bike can give you a more immersive training experience.

And most people will enjoy their workouts with the larger screen – just like we all prefer a larger TV screen or a larger computer screen.

Here’s another angle for you to give you an idea on the difference in size. Here’s the Nordictrack VR25 bike:


nordictrack VR25 vs R35 recumbent bike


And here’s the Nordictrack R35 bike console:


Note that both screens connect to iFit directly and they also both tilt. So you can find your preferred viewing angle with either of these bike consoles.



Nordictrack VR25 or R35 – Tablet Holder

The Nordictrack VR25 bike does come with one advantage over the R35. It comes with a pivoting, adjustable tablet holder that goes above the console.

So you can attach your tablet and watch Youtube or Netflix videos as you cycle.



Note that this is the case only as of this writing. Nordictrack is pulling back on offering the tablet holders on their bikes more and more these days.

So my guess is that eventually, the tablet holder won’t be offered on the VR25 bike at all. (In that case, if you want a tablet holder on either bike, you’ll have to add one in yourself).

But as of this writing, you can still get the tablet holder if you buy the Nordictrack VR25 bike through the Manufacturer here.



Nordictrack R35 or VR25 Bike – Heart Rate Monitor

This is interesting and most people don’t catch it.

Both bikes have side handrails on either side of the bike seat where you can rest your arms when cycling.

There are also resistance controls on these handrails for both bikes. This is handy since you don’t have to reach up to the console to change your resistance.


nordictrack vr25 recumbent bike review
Nordictrack VR25 Bike

However the Nordictrack VR25 also has EKG heart rate grips on these handrails. So you can also get a heart rate reading as you’re cycling.

The Nordictrack R35 bike does not have EKG heart rate grips on the handrails.

This is probably because the Nordictrack R35 is newer than the VR25 model.

And these days, Nordictrack figures many people don’t care as much about having a heart rate monitor on their bike. So they aren’t adding the EKG heart rate monitor to their new models like the R35. But it’s still worth noting.


nordictrack VR 25 vs r35 comparison
Nordictrack VR 25 Recumbent Bike Console


Hand Grip Differences

Another interesting difference between the Nordictrack VR25 vs R35 is seen in the hand grips. On the Nordictrack VR25 console, there are hand grips on either side of the console (see pic above).

There are no hand grips on either side of the Nordictrack R35 bike console.

Again, this might be a case of the VR25 bike being the older model and Nordictrack took them off the newer R35 model since they aren’t a favorite feature.

Most people really don’t want to reach up and grasp the handrails on either side of the console. It’s easier and more comfortable to just rest your hands on the hand grips on either side of the bike seat.

But it is a difference and you might want to know about it when comparing the two bikes.


Nordictrack R35 Bike Console


Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line? Which is best when comparing the Nordictrack VR25 vs R35 recumbent bikes?

Well, they both give you fully adjustable seats, easy step-through designs and lots of resistance levels.

However, a big difference is seen in the console – the VR25 gives you a smaller 7-inch console.

The R35 gives you a double-the-size, 14-inch console. So it’s going to be more enjoyable to watch the larger screen on the Nordictrack R35 bike.

However the Nordictrack VR25 does have a couple of popular features that the R35 doesn’t have – like the tablet holder and the EKG heart rate sensor.

So it really depends on what you want.

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nordictrack VR25 Recumbent bike review
Nordictrack VR25 Recumbent



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nordictrack commercial r35 bike review
Nordictrack R35 Bike



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