Proform 320 Bike Review – Worth Your Money?

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Pros and Cons of The New Proform 320 CX Exercise Bike:


***Please Note: The Proform 320 CX has been discontinued. We recommend the new Proform 440 ES Recumbent which you can find here.


proform 320 CX exercise bike reviewThe Proform 320 CX exercise bike is one of Proform’s new recumbent bikes on the market this year. In fact it’s so new, it hasn’t even had time to garner a lot of user reviews yet (or maybe everyone is just super-happy with it so far).

Coming in around $399, it’s sitting at an incredible price point.

So is it a good buy? How does it compare to other similarly priced bikes on the market? Here’s what you need to know.


The Basics:

Price: $399 + Free Shipping

18 Built In Workouts

Resistance Levels: 18

Heart Rate Hand Sensors

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Flywheel: 15 lbs

Console Fan

proform 320 recumbent bike


Proform 320 CX Exercise Bike Review – The Pros


Lots of Resistance Levels

You don’t usually get this many resistance levels for a machine at this price point. It gives you lots of room to grow so you don’t top out at the highest resistance after a few months.


Sturdy Feel

This bike is surprisingly sturdy. It’s heavier than you’d expect (but comes with wheels on the bottom to help you move it around) and the weight capacity is higher than normal as well. So you can push it a bit and not worry about the bike shaking or wobbling


Heavy Flywheel

I was actually shocked that Proform put such a heavy flywheel on this bike (a heavier flywheel helps to give you a smoother ride, especially during resistance transitions).


iPod Dock

Another option to make your workout fun – play your tunes while you cycle.


Backlit Console

While on the smaller side, the console on the Proform 320 CX recumbent is bright and backlit. So you don’t have to strain your eyes trying to read your workout stats.


proform 320 cx exercise bike console



Proform 320 CX Exercise Bike Review – The Cons:


No iFit

You don’t get iFit with this bike (or even iFit capability). iFit is a popular online software that many buyers like because it lets them download new workouts from the Internet, track their fitness progress and more. Then again, this is a starter bike so you can’t expect to get everyting – you do have 18 built in workouts still.


Starter Bike

proform 320CX exercise bike seatThis is a starter bike. The overall fit and finishes, while good, are not excellent. If you’re looking to a more luxurious look and feel, try a Nordic Track or Sole.


Adjustable Seat 

The seat does adjust closer and further away from the console. But the actual angle of the back does not adjust. This isn’t really suprising since you don’t expect to get this kind of customization with a starter bike. But just something you might want to know.



Bottom Line?

The Proform 320 CX recumbent is a great little starter bike that gives you a lot of features you just don’t usually get with other bikes at this price point (backlit console, lots of resistance, heavy flywheel). It’s fairly new to the market so Proform may be introducing it for the current low price just to get the buyer reviews started.

In any case, if you’re looking for a very affordable bike with some fun toys thrown in, this is definitely one to consider.


How To Save:

You can get the sale price above on the Proform 320 CX recumbent by clicking here. You can also get free shipping and learn more about the dimensions, specs, etc.

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