Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Review

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Proform Hybrid Trainer XT – A Good Buy For You?



proform Hybrid Trainer XT Review
Proform Hybrid Trainer XT

The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is a brand new Hybrid Trainer to the lineup.

Hybrid trainers are famous for giving you 2-machines-in-1.

You can use the Hybrid Trainer as a recumbent exercise bike – or with a few simple changes – turn it into an elliptical trainer.

The XT model is a step-up from the original Hybrid Trainer with upgraded footpedals and a better console.

It also comes with a larger tablet holder. You can attach your tablet and watch your favorite movies or TV shows as you workout.

Or connect with iFit coach to run trails all over the world.

So is a good buy for you?

Here’s a review of the new Proform Hybrid Trainer XT elliptical bike to help you decide:



Price: $499 + Free Shipping

Resistance: 16 Levels

Built-In Workouts: 16

Elliptical Stride: 15 Inches

User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Footprint: 60.5” x 24.5”

iFit Compatible

Warranty: 5 Years on Frame, 90 Day Parts and Labor



proform hybrid Trainer XT review
Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Console




Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Review – Benefits:


Get 2 Machines For the Price of 1

If you’re not sure whether you want a recumbent bike or an elliptical trainer – this machine is the perfect choice since you get both. You can use it as a recumbent bike.

Or just make a quick adjustment to the pedals and console and voila – it’s an elliptical trainer.


proform hybrid Trainer XT review
Proform Hybrid Trainer XT


This is handy if you want some workout variety – or if you have multiple users in your home. That way, everyone can choose what they like to do best.

And it’s not hard to make the changes from bike to elliptical and back again. It’s just 2 quick adjustments and you’re done. It’s pretty simple to do.



Upgraded Footpedals

On the original Hybrid Trainer model (seen below), the footpedals were pretty simple – and were really best when used as an elliptical trainer.


Proform Hybrid Trainer Pedals


When it was in bike mode the pedals felt a bit off and not exactly ergonomically friendly.

Proform has upgraded the pedals on the XT model and added another attachment (seen below) that you can use when in bike mode. It doesn’t turn the bike into a commercial cycle by any means – but it is a big improvement.


Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Review
Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Pedals



Improved Console

The console on the XT is also a step up from the original Hybrid Trainer. It’s sleeker and brighter. Plus with a backlit console it’s easier to read.

This console keeps track of your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. The console display is also adjustable – you can move it to the best reading position for you.

There are 8 built-in bike workouts along with 8 built-in elliptical workouts to add some extra challenge for you.


proform hybrid Trainer XT review
Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Console



More Comfortable Seat

Proform also upgraded the seat on this trainer with extra padding and built-in lumbar support.

You can adjust the seat both vertically and horizontally to get the right fit for your height.


proform hybrid trainer xt review


You can also adjust the seat while sitting on the bike as most people will be able to reach the adjustment lever from the seat. You don’t have to get off the bike to adjust the seat as you do with some other bikes.

And with the mesh back, this will allow air to circulate much more freely as you cycle, helping to keep you cool.



Larger Tablet Holder

While both the Hybrid Trainer and Hybrid Trainer Pro models also come with a tablet holder above the console, the XT has added an extra-large tablet holder.

So if you have a larger sized tablet, you’ll know that this will fit into the tablet holder on the XT just fine.

This is a great feature as you can attach your tablet and watch your favorite movies and shows as you workout.

You can also connect with iFit Coach through your tablet and run or bike trails all over the world.



iFit Coach Compatible

The Proform Hybrid trainer XT elliptical bike is compatible with iFit Coach. With iFit Coach you can track your workouts over time to see how far you’ve come.

You can also run or cycle famous world trails from the Swiss Alps to the Shores of Santorini. Personal trainers will guide you through your workout pointing out interesting landmarks along the route.



With iFit Coach you can actually choose from a library of over 12,000 workout videos. So you’ll always have a new challenge to tackle!

This can turn a boring old bike or elliptical into your own personal fitness studio and it’s a great little option to have if you want it.



iPod Dock with Speakers

You can also plug in your iPod to the console and listen to your workout music through the console speakers – which can add some fun to your workouts.



Hand Grip Heart Rate Sensors

Stay in your target fat-burning zone with the hand grip sensors on either side of the console.



proform hybrid trainer xt review



Proform Hybrid Trainer XT Review – Any Drawbacks?

The elliptical stride on this trainer is not very long at 15 inches long. It might feel short and choppy for anyone over 5 foot 10 inches.

If you want a longer stride, you’d probably be better going with something like the Hybrid Trainer Pro which has a 17 inch stride.



Also, be aware that, while iFit Coach is a very cool new technology to have, it is optional and subscription based on this model. If you want to try it there is a small monthly fee.

Finally, this doesn’t give you some of the higher end elliptical features that you often get with elliptical machines like adjustable stride lengths or incline.

However at this crazy-low price point, you can’t really expect to get those kinds of things.


Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a super-affordable Hybrid trainer that also gives you a few upgrades over the regular Hybrid Trainer, you’ll love the new XT model.

You get better footpedals and an upgraded seat for better comfort.

Plus the console has been improved with a larger, more stable tablet holder and an overall sleeker look.

You already get built-in workouts – but if you want to keep growing and add more challenge, there’s always the option to add iFit Coach to your machine.

Overall it’s not the best quality bike (or elliptical) on the market. But it does come in for a fantastic price and offers great value for the money.



Where to Buy and Save:

You can get the Proform Hybrid Trainer XT model by going direct through the Manufacturer here . Plus they’re also offering Free Shipping which can save you about $150.


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proform Hybrid Trainer XT Review
Proform Hybrid Trainer XT




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