3 Ways Recumbent Bikes Can Benefit You

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Recumbent Bike Benefits


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nordic track GX 5.0 Pro Recumbent CycleOne of the major decisions people wrestle with when buying an exercise bike is whether to buy a recumbent or upright model.

Upright models were some of the first exercise bikes to come along. However recumbent bikes are much more popular in terms of sales volumes.

Why is that? Because recumbent bikes give you some major advantages over upright bikes – or even other forms of fitness equipment. Here are 3 main benefits of recumbent bikes:


#1 More Comfortable


This is pretty self explanatory. With their padded bucket seats and back support, you know just by LOOKING at them that they’re more comfortable than upright models.

diamondback bike seatSo many people today have lower back issues and they need the back support that a recumbent seat provides.

And the seats are getting more comfortable every year. For example you can find bikes with seats that adjust forward and back – plus they also adjust the angle of the back rest! Other manufacturers base their bike seats on the design of high-end executive chair models.

So recumbent bikes are more comfortable – which means you’re going to use them more and ultimately burn more calories.


#2 Suitable For All Fitness Levels and Coordination Levels


These bikes are probably the easiest forms of fitness equpment to use. There’s no worrying about tripping or falling off the equipment. You don’t need to read a manual to know how to use them.

This makes a recumbent bike ideal for any fitness or coordination level – whether you’re a hard core gym bunny or an 80 year old grandma who’s never exercised a day in her life.

This also makes the recumbent bike the ideal choice for multiple user families – so you’re getting a piece of fitness equipment the whole family can use.

sole r92 recumbent bike

#3 More Enjoyable Workouts

Have you ever tried to read while on a treadmill – or an upright bike? It’s hard! But you can do it easily on a recumbent.

Even watching TV can sometimes be a challenge if your treadmill motor is running loudly over the sound of the TV.

But recumbent bikes tend to run quiet – and you can easily watch TV while on them.

recumbent bike benefits-ipod deckAnd the new crop of recumbent bikes are even coming out with toys like iPod docks and Internet connections – so you can listen to your favorite tunes or download new workouts from the Internet while you workout. Very cool.

Let’s face it, when you enjoy your workout, you will tend to workout more.  That means more calories burned and an overall better YOU!


So those are the 3 main recumbent bike benefits.  Here’s one more, just for good measure: Recumbent bikes provide more efficient blood flow throughout your body – which is great for people with sports injuries or people with poor circulation.

So that’s it – a recumbent bike is a great choice if you’re looking for a comfortable, safe, more enjoyable workout. If you want to get started shopping for recumbent bikes, check out the Where To Buy page!


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