Schwinn 130 Exercise Bike Review

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Pros and Cons of the Schwinn 130 Upright Stationary Bike


schwinn 130 exercise bike upright
Schwinn 130

Thinking about the Schwinn 130 Upright bike?

The Schwinn 130 exercise bike is getting some attention – mainly because it comes in under $400, a very attractive price. Everyone likes to get a good deal, after all.

But is it a good value? And is it the right choice for you?

This post will give some pros and cons of the Schwinn 130 exercise bike so you can decide for yourself.


The Basics:

Price $399 + Free Shipping

Workout Programs: 22

Resistance Levels: 20

iPod Dock With Speakers

Warranty: 10 years on Frame, 2 years mechanical, 1 year electrical



schwinn 130 upright bike console

Pros of the Schwinn 130 Exercise Bike:


Lots of Resistance Levels

A nice surprise on this bike is the 20 resistance levels. With most bikes under $500 you only get abot 8 – 10. But with extra resistance levels you can keep challenging yourself and moving forward for quite a while.



Charge your Kindle, iPod or iPad While Working Out

You can plug in and charge (while playing) your mp3 player or other wireless device while you ride, which is a great way to get a more enjoyable workout.

schwinn 130 UPright bike review


22 Built-in Workouts with 2 User Settings

You get a lot of different built-in workouts to keep you challenged. Plus, the bike remembers the data and activity for 2 different users. Another nice touch you don’t really expect at this price range.



Schwinn Connect Goal Tracking

Schwinn has partnered with myFitnessPal to track and upload you fitness right into you myfitnesspal account. So it’s a fun way to track your workouts over time and reach new goals.



Angle Adjustable Handlebars

This is a handy little feature that lets you adjust the handlebars to the most comfortable position for your body.


schwinn model 130 bike


Cons of the Schwinn Upright 130 Model:


While there are some amazing pros for this bike, there are some drawbacks as well. The main one is that the design of the pedals is such that your feet may hit against the crank while pedalling.

Compared to the 170 bike for example, which gives you oversized pedals and 3 piece pedal crank, you only get standard pedals and 1-piece-pedal cranks with the 130. A number of people have complained about this and it can seriously affect the enjoyment (and use) of your bike.

The Schwinn 130 also comes with a non-backlit console, which might make reading your workout stats a challenge – especially if lighting in your workout area is poor.

Finally, the labor warranty on this unit is extremely short (90 days) which doesn’t give you much protection. Then again, it’s pretty standard at this price range.


schwinn 130 exercise bike upright


Bottom Line?


If you’re looking for a starter bike and really like the Schwinn name, you might be fine with the Schwinn 130. To be frank, reviews have been mixed – with the major problem being the toe-crank issue.

Then again, this comes in at a very good price point – so you might want to take the chance. (If you’re not sure you can keep searching with all of our reviews of bikes under $600)



Where to Buy:


You can save about $200 off retail and get Free Shipping when you buy the Schwinn 130 bike here. You can also read the latest user reviews and watch a video of how it works to give you a better feel for the bike.

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schwinn 130 upright bike
Schwinn 130 Upright Bike


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