Schwinn 230 vs 270 Recumbent Bike Comparison

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Schwinn 230 vs 270 – Which is Best for You?


Trying to decide between the Schwinn 230 vs 270 recumbent bikes?

Wondering how they stack up?

The Schwinn 230 and 270 are Schwinn’s two main recumbent exercise bikes in their lineup. They’ve both been around for years – but have been upgraded several times to stay current with recumbent bike trends.

They both offer a simple walk-thru frame that makes getting on and off the bike quick and easy.


Schwinn 230 vs 270 recumbent
Schwinn 230 Recumbent


They’re also both super-affordable with high-speed inertia weighted flywheels for a smooth cycling motion.

Both seats are adjustable forward and backwards. And you also get lots of built-in workouts plus a media shelf to hold your tablet, book or phone.

So what’s the difference between them?

Which is the best value for your money?

This post will go over 6 of the key differences between the Schwinn 230 vs 270 recumbent bikes to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

(Please note, for this post, we’ll be comparing the latest Schwinn models – older models may differ slightly). So let’s dive in and look under the hood.


Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review
Schwinn 270 Bike



Schwinn 230 vs 270 – Price

The Schwinn 270 is the premium model coming in a bit higher than the Schwinn 230. However, it’s still quite affordable. You can get it for around $699 with Free Shipping here.

The Schwinn 230 is the starter model and comes in around $200 less with Free Shipping here. So overall the Schwinn 230 is a bit easier on the budget.



Schwinn 230 vs 270 Comparison – Console

While both consoles come with 2-screen LCD feedback windows, there’s an important difference between them.

The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike console is not backlit which you can see below:


schwinn 230 vs 270 bike
Schwinn 230 Console



The Schwinn 270 bike console is backlit which you can see below:


schwinn 270 or 230 bike
Schwinn 270 Console


So it’s going to be easier to read your workouts stats on the Schwinn 270 bike – especially if lighting is not always optimal in your workout area. A lot of people prefer a backlit console since it’s just a lot less strain on the eyes when cycling.


Bluetooth Tracking and Entertainment

The Schwinn 270 bike gives you more tracking and entertainment options. It comes with Bluetooth tracking (not available on the Schwinn 230 model). You can use this with Ridesocial – a mixed reality riding app.



With RideSocial you can ride up to 8 different world trails and have some virtual reality fun. You can watch scenes on your phone or tablet. Plus you’ll also be able to get live tracking data to your mobile device.

So if you like to track your workouts and see how far you’ve come, this is a great option.

The Schwinn 270 also has a few more built-in workouts to challenge you – 29 vs 22 on the Schwinn 230 bike.



Schwinn 270 vs 230 Comparison – Resistance

The Schwinn 230 recumbent gives you up to 20 different levels of resistance – which isn’t bad. However the Schwinn 270 bike gives you up to 25 resistance levels.

So you have a lot more room to grow with the Schwinn 270 bike as your fitness level improves over time.



Schwinn 230 recumbent bike review
Schwinn 230 Bike Seat


Schwinn 230 vs 270 Bike – Seat Comfort

This is a big one if you’re going to be using your bike for longer than 30 minutes. The Schwinn 230 comes with a contoured, ventilated, standard seat (seen above).

The Schwinn 270 goes one better with a contoured, ventilated, padded seat (seen below). So it’s going to be more comfortable overall for those longer workouts.


schwinn 270 recumbent seat
Schwinn 270 Bike Seat



Schwinn 230 vs 270 Bike – User Profiles

The Schwinn 230 bike comes with 2 built-in user profiles. This means it will track the information for up to 2 different users (calories burned, distance covered etc.)

The Schwinn 270 gives you up to 4 built-in user profiles. So it will track the statistics, workouts and information for up to 4 different users – making it a better choice for families.


Schwinn 270 Bike
Bottom Line?

So which is best when comparing the Schwinn 230 vs 270 recumbent bikes?

Well the Schwinn 230 is definitely a steal in terms of price. And it does have the basics like the adjustable seat, lots of resistance levels and all the standard feedback you need.

However the Schwinn 270 has some sizable benefits – most notably the backlit console, Bluetooth tracking and the more comfortable, extra-padded seat.

Considering this  – and the fact that it’s not too much more price-wise, we think the Schwinn 270 is the better value overall for the money.

But at the end of the day, it’s ultimately your choice and comes down to which bike you prefer.

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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review
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schwinn 230 recumbent bike review
Schwinn 230 Recumbent



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