Schwinn Classic Cruiser Review – A Good Buy for You?

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Pros and Cons of the Schwinn Classic Cruiser


SchwinnClassic Cruise Bike

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser bike is a bit hard to rate – since it’s unlike any bike we’ve seen on the market before.

It’s a throwback to earlier times with a cool, retro look and styling.

With the fun red handlebars, classic speedometer and shiny silver pedals, this bike will have you feeling like you’re riding through a 1950s neighbourhood.

But Schwinn has also added a modern twist with Bluetooth technology and a tablet holder.

You can connect with the Schwinn Classic Cruise app and play games or track your workout stats easily through your tablet.

So is the Schwinn Classic Cruiser a good buy for you?

Here’s a review of the pros and cons to help you decide:




Price: $499 + Click Here for Free Promo Code

Resistance: Adjustable Knob on Bike Handles

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Machine Weight: 100 lbs

Footprint: 47.5″ L  x 22.5″ W

Warranty: 5 years frame, 1 year parts mechanical/electric, 90 days on labor


Classic Cruiser Odometer/Speedometer



Schwinn Classic Cruiser Review – the Pros:


Retro Look and Feel

This bike is an homage to the classic Schwinn exercise bikes of yesteryear (which were actually made very tough and lasted for years).

From the red and white seat to the chrome silver frame and the red handlebars, this bike is fun, fresh and looks amazing. It’s certainly a conversation piece and perfect for someone who loves the retro look.




Console with Tablet Holder

The console is – what else – a classic speedometer/odometer just like the original bikes used to carry.

On the downside, you don’t get to see a lot of the workout stats most exercise bikes show you.

However, there’s a tablet holder above the handlebars. You can use this to attach your tablet and connect with the Schwinn Classic Cruise bike app (see below). This will then show you a better display of your workout stats.



Bluetooth Compatible

Schwinn has also made this bike Bluetooth compatible, adding a modern twist. This means you can use your tablet or phone to connect to the Schwinn Classic Cruise App and do all sorts of fun things.

You can track your workout progress over time and sync your workouts to the app.


Classic Cruiser App


You can also connect with RideSocial and ride trails all over the world.

You can even play a video game where you ride through a mid-century town, delivery newspapers and avoiding obstacles, very cool.

There are also several built-in workouts on the app to try if you need more of a workout challenge.


Classic Cruiser Game


Electro Magnetic Resistance

Another modern twist to the bike is the electro-magnetic resistance (instead of the old tension-belt resistance on older bikes). You change the resistance with a retro-looking switch located on the handlebars as you ride.

This is another impressive way Schwinn has made the bike modern – while still looking classic.



Adjustable Seat

The seat and handlebars adust both vertically and horizontally so you can find the right fit for your frame.




Schwinn Classic Cruise Bike Review – The Cons:



Some people have complained that the seat is a little hard and not the best for comfort. This isn’t surprising given that most bike seats at this price point aren’t ultra-comfortable.

You can change the seat out for a more comfortable one on your own. But then you lose a bit of the iconic look to the bike.



Starter Bike

There’s no doubt that the Classic Cruiser is an amazing retro-looking bike. But it’s still a starter bike. You don’t get a lot in the way of resistance levels, professionally designed pedals or built-in workouts.

The console is cool-looking. But you don’t get extras that many other bikes include like cooling fans or music ports with speakers etc.

Also the labor warranty on this bike is only 90 days – which again, is standard for a starter bike.




Bottom Line?

If you love the retro look and want something completely different, you’ll probably love the Schwinn Classic Cruiser bike.

It’s a throwback to years past – but with a modern twist of Bluetooth options, special riding apps and a tablet holder.

While it doesn’t have the construction quality of some of Schwinn’s other bikes likes the IC4 model, it’s fun and should be ok for the occasional exerciser who just wants a simple, straightforward bike ride.



Where to Buy and Save:

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SchwinnClassic Cruise Bike


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