Stuck Inside? 3 of the Best Exercise Bikes to Replace Your Gym Membership (or Outdoor Rides)

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Stuck indoors? Self quarantined?

Working from home and need a distraction?

Having to stay at home and not being able to get out or go to the gym can be stressful.

But good news – technology to the rescue!

There are some fantastic exercise and indoor cycling bikes today that bring the outdoors to you!

Here’s a list of 3 of the best exercise bikes that can (temporarily) replace your gym membership or even give you a taste of cycling outdoors!



3 of the Best Exercise Bikes To Replace A Gym Membership


#1 Nordictrack S22i Studio Cycle

[ Full Review ]

This is the premium bike option on this list. It has everything you need – and then some.


nordictrack s22i studio cycle
Nordictrack S22i Indoor Bike


The S22i gives you a massive, full-color, HD touch-screen console where you can stream cycling classes of all kinds to your home – from beginner to experienced athlete.

It was actually made as a more affordable alternative to the Peloton bike – with the same sized screen and streaming cycling classes.


nordictrack s22i vs peloton
Nordictrack S22i Bike


However, it also gives you more than the Peloton. You don’t just get classes with this bike – you can also ride trails all over the world – from the Grand Canyon to the shores of Hawaii to the Swiss Alps and more.

You can ride on your own or take guided cycling tours with trainers who point out interesting landmarks along the way and motivate you to keep going.


ifit coach on the Proform studio bike
iFit Coach Workouts

With the extra-large screen, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action – it’s the next best thing to being there! There are literally thousands of different trails to ride so you’ll never get bored!

Plus, to take your training experience even further, the Nordictrack S22i also inclines and declines to match the terrain of whatever trail you’re riding.

You don’t have to do anything – the bike will adjust itself automatically for a more realistic riding experience (you can also override this if you wish).


best indoor cycling bikes 2019
Incline and Decline on the S22i


The S22i bike uses an online program called iFit Coach to give you thousands of these streaming and world trail rides.

Another bonus?

You can even turn the console, get off the bike and try a completely different iFit workout – like yoga, stretching, strength training and more.


best Indoor cycling bike 2019
Nordictrack S22i Bike

So the S22i bike is a great way to still get your cycling classes in – or other workout classes. You can also use it to explore places all over the world and even race against other iFit members for some social interaction and challenge.

Basically if you’re looking for the ultimate training bike when you’re stuck inside or working from home – this is a fantastic option.

And the best news?

While iFit is usually a monthly subscription service, if you use the link below you can get your 1-year iFit Coach membership included with the bike – plus a free pair of 3-pound handweights!


Click Here for More on the Nordictrack S22i




#2 Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro

[ Full Review ]

The Grand Tour Pro is not as flashy as the Nordictrack S22i – but it’s a bit more affordable. And you still get the streaming iFit classes and world trail rides., similar to the S22i model above.


Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro vs proform studio bike pro comparison
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro Bike


The setup on this bike is a bit different with a smaller console (10 inches vs 22 inches) that lays more flat and does not turn. However this bike adds something else that you may also like – a tablet holder above the console.

So if you want to surf the net or have video conferences on your bike, it’s a great option.


Nordictrack Grand tour vs proform studio bike pro
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro Bike

The Grand Tour Pro also includes incline and decline as well as a workout fan to keep you cool and a port with console speakers. So you can attach your phone or other device and play your workout music through the console speakers.

If you want something with streaming classes, world trail rides and a place to put your tablet this is a great option.


Click Here for More on the Grand Tour Pro


nordictrack grand tour pro vs proform studio bike pro
Nordictrack Grand Tour Pro Bike



#3 Bowflex C6 Bike

[ Full Review ]

The Bowflex C6 is the most affordable bike on this list – and great if you’re on a budget.


bowflex c6 bike
Bowflex Bike C6


Unlike the 2 bikes above, it does not have the full-color, touch screen console. It gives you a smaller more basic console with your feedback stats.

However right above the console there is a place to hold your tablet.

The bike comes with Bluetooth Connectivity so you can connect to a number of different riding apps like Zwift or Explore the World and ride outdoors that way.

You could also stream cycling classes through various apps that way – like the Peloton classes.


Bowflex C6 Bike Console


The bike itself is simple in layout but stable and well built with magnetic resistance and 100 micro-resistance levels.

There is no incline or decline like the bikes above. And the bike will not automatically respond to the different apps for you – you’ll have to make the resistance changes yourself in response to the workouts, which can be a bit tiresome for some people.

But overall, if you’re looking for a solid, affordable bike option with the ability to train in different parts of the world or take classes, this is a fantastic option.

Plus if you use the link below you can also get a free pair of handweights included plus free shipping to your home.


Click Here for More on the Bowflex C6


bowflex vs nordictrack bike
Bowflex C6 Bike


So those are 3 bikes that can help ease the stress and boredom if you’re working from home, stuck inside or having to self-quarantine.

Times like this can be very stressful for people. But it doesn’t have to be – you have lots of options to still be social online, meet new friends, explore the world or try new challenges.

And perhaps this is a great time to let yourself slow down, refocus your energy and take extra special care of yourself and your health – in whatever form that takes!


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